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Aerosol Therapy Products

Aerosol Therapy Products inlcuding adaptors, nebulizers, pre-filled nebulizers , corugated aerosol tubing, effusion bags, heater chambers and more! Aerosol products from the manufacturers you trust like CareFusion, Hudson RCI , Teleflex, Smith's Medical and CardinalHealth.

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How to Perform Aerosol Therapy Correctly

Video Section

How to perform aerosol therapy correctly?

It’s easy with Pic! First of all, watch out for hand hygiene. Hands must be clean when dosing the drug and follow the instructions when assembling the device.

Is the nebulizer assembled? Perfect!

Now what? Mouthpiece or mask? Not those.

The mouthpiece is more suitable for adults. It delivers the solution directly to the airway avoiding dispersal and filtering by the nose.

The mask is recommended for children because they breathe mainly through the nose. Make it fit well on the face and encourage the child to breathe through their mouth. Don’t forget that the efficiency is reduced greatly if the child is sleeping or crying.

Now, switch on the nebulizer. The therapy lasts from 10-15 minutes. That is the time needed to deliver the entire solution down to the last drop.

Once you have finished, it’s time for cleaning. Wash all the accessories under running water. You can even add some sodium bicarbonate or a food disinfectant.

Oh, let’s see the nebulizer cup. Perfect! It’s made of plastic, not glass. You should change it after two months of continuous use.

Okay, now you know how to do aerosol therapy. But, let’s recap what it’s for.

Easy. Aerosol therapy is an excellent remedy in the case of allergy or infections affecting the upper or lower airway. It creates an airborne suspension of tiny droplets capable of carrying a drug. The larger drops are captured in the upper airway while the smaller ones can’t even reach the lower airway. They are microscopic. They are as small as 1/1000 millimeter.

What are its benefits? Many. For instance, it allows for lower drug dosage. It’s fast and has a targeted action and there are less side effects so it’s perfect for children.

Fast aerosol therapy done right? Easy! Learn more here picsolution.com website and YouTube channel are waiting for you with plenty handy tips for your health and well-being.

And don’t forget, in case of doubt always consult a physician or a specialist. See you for the next solution and Pic it easy with Pic Solutions.

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