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Smith and Nephew Products | Hypafix Tape, Acticoat Dressing, Allevyn, Cica Care, Profore, Opsite and More!

Smith & Nephew

Smith and Nephew products include advanced Wound Care Management, endoscopy, biologics, and orthopedic reconstruction. Vitality Medical provides a large selection of popluar Smith & Nephew Products. Smith & Nephew manufactures the following Wound Care Products: Smith and Nephew Absorbers, Smith & Nephew Alginate Dressing, Smith and Nephew Composite Dressing, Smith & Nephew Foam Dressing, Smith and Nephew Hydrocolloid Dressing, Smith & Nephew Hydrogels, Smith & Nephew Silicone Gel Sheeting, Smith & Nephew Silver Dressings, Smith & Nephew Compression Dressings, Smith Nephew Unna Boot, Smith & Nephew Gauze Pads, Smith and Nephew Non Adherent Dressings, Smith Nephew Transparent Dressings, Smith and Nephew Antimicrobial Dressing, and Smith & Nephew Scar Removal Dressing. Wound Cleasners include Smith & Nephew Debriders, Smith and Nephew Disinfectants, and Smith Nephew Adhesive Removers. Medical Tapes include Smith Nephew Hypafix Tape, Smith & Nephew Cloth Tape and Smith & Nephew Elastic Tape. Skin Care products include Incontinence Cleansers, Protective Films, Skin Lotions & Creams, Barrier Ointments and Antifungal Cream. If you don't see a Smith & Nephew product that you are looking for on our site, give us a call and we will try to locate it for you.

Smith & Nephew Inc manufactures these top selling medical products: Hypafix Tape, Acticoat Dressing, Cica Care, and Allevyn Dressing. We also carry popular Smith and Nephew products like the Secura Cleanser, the Primapore Dressing, and the Unisolve Wipes.

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Featured Smith & Nephew Products

Hypafix Tape Dressing by Smith & Nephew


Hypafix dressing retention tape is a comfortable, non-woven dressing retention tape that stretches for easy application and patient comfort. Hypafix dressing tape is water res Learn More
Cica Care Silicone Gel Sheeting by Smith & Nephew


Cica Care Silicone Gel Sheeting by Smith & Nephew are widely used by hospitals, dermatologists, and surgeons. Cica Care is a self-adhesive gel sheet used in the management and reduction of hypertrophic and keloid scars. Learn More
UniSolve Adhesive Remover


For tape or dressing removal. Reduces adhesive trauma to skin. Pleasant fragrance, environmentally friendly formula; contains aloe. Learn More
Secura Personal Cleanser


Secura Personal Cleanser is used as an antimicrobial skin cleanser, for perineum and body. Secura Personal Cleanser aids in removal of urine and feces or other foreign material. Learn More
Skin Prep Protective Dressing Wipes


Helps to increase the adhesion of tapes and wafers. Reduces adhesive removal trauma. Learn More
Primapore Adhesive Dressing


Highly conformable island dressing featuring a nonadherent pad and a nonirritating adhesive. Learn More
No Sting Skin Prep by Smith & Nephew


Forms protective film to prepare skin for tapes and adhesives. Non alcohol formula minimizes stinging or irritation. Great for sensitive stoma areas. Thick formula for patient Learn More
Unicare Moisturizing Lotion


Smith and Nephew's Unicare Moisturizing Lotion soothes, conditions, and moisturizes dry skin. The lotion is completely pH-balanced, non-irritation, non-sensitizing, and is non Learn More

Other Top Selling Smith & Nephew Products

Secura Protective Ointment


IndicationsSkin protectant. Helps treat and prevent rash associated with diaper use or continued exposure to feces, urine or both. Protects skin from minor irritation associ Learn More
Remove Adhesive Remover Wipe by Smith & Nephew


Universal adhesive remover for tapes, adhesives, and hydrocolloid skin barriers. Gentle formula; contains aloe. Environmentally friendly. Learn More
SoloSite Wound Gel


Noncytotoxic, nonirritating and nonsensitizing. Safe and effective gel creates and maintains a moist healing environment. Apply daily. Learn More
IV Prep Antiseptic Wipes by Smith & Nephew


IV Prep: Antiseptic Wipes and Swab SticksIndicationsAntiseptic wipe. For preparation of the skin prior to a ventipuncture or injection.WarningsFlammable Keep Away From Fire or Learn More
Secura Extra Protective Cream


IndicationsSkin protectant that helps treat and prevent rash associated with diaper use or continued exposure to feces, urine or both. Protects skin from minor irritation ass Learn More
Viscopaste Zinc Paste Bandage by Smith & Nephew


IndicationsFor the management of leg ulcers. Where venous insufficiency exists, the paste bandage should be adjunct to the graduated compression bandaging. For the management Learn More
Secura Moisturizing Cleanser


IndicationsAntimicrobial skin cleanser, for perineum or body, aids in the removal of urine and feces or other foreign material. WarningsFor external use only. Avoid contact w Learn More
Secura Moisturizing Cream


Secura Moisturizing Cream Learn More
Exu-Dry Dressings by Smith & Nephew


Ideal for all wounds, burns and skin ulcers. Nonadherent, highly absorbent, lint-free, nonocclusive, soft and pliable. Now available in precut sizes for tube and drain sites. Learn More
Cuticerin Gauze Dressing


Cuticerin is an impregnated dressing made of a smooth acetate fabric, with a defined mesh size, coated with a water repellent ointment containing petrolatum, paraffin and Euce Learn More
Dermal Wound Cleanser by Smith and Nephew


Smith and Nephew Dermal Wound Cleanser Learn More
Secura Antifungal Extra Thick


Secura Antifungal Cream (Extra-Thick Formula)IndicationsSecura Antifungal skin cream is indicated for the cure of tinea cruris (jock itch), tinea corporis (ringworm), and tine Learn More
Uniderm Moisturizing Cream


This high quality cream can be used all-over the body to condition and moisturize dry skin. The uniqe combination of emollients in the cream allows it to be non-irritating, n Learn More
Iodosorb Cadexomer Iodine Gel


The only wound gel that inhibits bacterial growth as it absorbs exudate. Specially formulated for use on wet, exudating ulcers, diabetic and venous ulcers, pressure sores and Learn More
Secura Protective Cream


IndicationsSkin protectant. Helps treat and prevent rash associated with diaper use or continued exposure to feces, urine or both. Protects skin from minor irritation associ Learn More
CovRSite Adhesive Wound Dressing Cover by Smith & Nephew


Latex-free. Single-step dressing replaces traditional tape and gauze. A secondary cover dressing for gels, gel sheets, alginates and nonadhesive foams, it is water-resistant, Learn More
AlgiSite M Calcium Alginate Dressing by Smith & Nephew


Soft, conformable dressing with minimal shed and higher tensile strength. Removes in one piece without need for irrigation. Unique needling process provides stronger structure Learn More
IntraSite Gel Amorphous Hydrogel Dressing Applipak System


IntraSite Gel is a Amorphous Hydrogel manufactured by Smith & Nephew for Wound Care. IntraSite Gel Amorphous Hydrogel Dressing is designed as a Gel Applipak System that promotes rapid but gentle debridement of necrotic tissue. Learn More
Iodoflex Cadexomer Iodine Gel Pad Dressing


Easy to apply. Delivers a premeasured amount of cadexomer iodine. Flexible; conforms to wound shape. Easily removed without disturbing delicate new tissue. Change in pad color Learn More
COVRSITE Plus Composite Dressing


COVRSITE Plus Composite Dressing is manufactured by Smith & Nephew for the management of acute or chronic wounds. Learn More
Secura Total Body Foam Cleanser


Secura Total Body Foam Cleanser, by Smith and Nephew, is a antimicrobial skin cleanser that lathers and cleans the whole body without need for Learn More
FlexiGel Hydrogel Sheet Dressing by Smith & Nephew


Transparent, nonadherent dressing for the management of acute and chronic wounds with moderate to light exudate. Semi-hydrated; absorbs up to 5 times its own weight. Flexible, Learn More
Allevyn Life Advanced Wound Dressings


Allevyn Life Multi-Purpose Dressings treat and prevent exudating wounds and pressure ulcers with a very high rate of success, greatly reducing healing times and the length of hospital stays. Unlike any other Wound Dressing available, these next generation bandages by Smith and Nephew offer new advances in wound care technology that effectively lock in fluids, minimize leakage and better distribute pressure on the wound area. Learn More
Banish II Liquid Deodorant by Smith & Nephew


For the pouch. No perfume additives. Learn More
Tincture of Benzoin by Smith & Nephew


Antiseptic preparation protects skin from adhesive or harsh body fluids. Learn More
Uri Kleen Deodorizing Detergent by Smith & Nephew


Effectively cleans/deodorizes plastic and rubber urinary appliances in just 10 minutes. Learn More
Solosite Gel Conformable Wound Dressing by Smith and Nephew


Smith and Nephew Solosite Gel Conformable Wound Dressing is a clean wound dressing, manufactured with non-woven gauze thoroughly saturated with gel. The gel stays on the dres Learn More
BIOSTEP Collagen Dressing by Smith & Nephew


BIOSTEP Dressings are a collagen matrix dressing that promote wound closure while maintaining an optimal moist wound environment. BIOSTEP is manufactured by Smith & Nephew, a respected medical supply company for wound dressings. Learn More
Allevyn Ag Gentle Soft Gel Dressing


Allevyn Ag Gentle Soft Gel Dressing, by Smith and Nephew, are dressings with a soft adhesive that delivers antimicrobial properties through Learn More
Allevyn Plus Wound Cavity Dressing


The Allevyn Plus Wound Cavity Dressing, by Smith and Nephew, is a high-absorbency dressing material to manage and hold fluids within deep wounds. Learn More
ProGuide WCL (Wound Contact Layer)

ProGuide Wound Contact Layer (WCL) is a unique 4" x 4" dressing based on Trilaminate Hydrocellular Foam Technology.  The dressing is a centrally-located absorbent hydrocellu Learn More
3 Day, 2 x 2 Inch


Allevyn Ag Hydrocolloid Adhesive Dressing


Allevyn Ag Hydrocolloid Adhesive Dressings, by Smith and Nephew, are designed to help heal full thickness wounds, or wounds that are severe enough Learn More
Allevyn Gentle Foam Dressing


The Allevyn Gentle Hydrocellular Foam Dressing, by Smith and Nephew, is designed for heavy fluid oozing wounds, specifically found with pressure Learn More
FlexiGel Hydrogel Strands by Smith & Nephew


Uniquely designed to absorb faster. Nonadherent dressing manages drainage, supports autolytic debridement in heavy to moderately draining acute and chronic wounds. Supports ti Learn More
7 Day, 1 x 24 Inch


7 Day, 1 x 24 Inch


7 Day, 4 x 48 Inch


Acticoat Site Silver-Coated Dressing


The Acticote Site Silver Coated Dressing, by Smith and Nephew, is a premium antimicrobial dressing that includes three layer of absorbent dressing Learn More
Cutinova Hydro Dressing


Cutinova Hydro Dressing, by Smith and Nephew, is a wound dressing that is meant for direct contact to the affected skin and is designed to be Learn More
Allevyn Ag Gentle Border


Allevyn Ag Gentle Border Dressing, by Smith and Nephew, are specifically made to minimize pain and potential trauma. Learn More
PICO Single-Use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy


The PICO Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Pump, by Smith and Nephew, is a small portable pump meant to extract wound fluid (exudate) when normal Learn More
DURAFIBER Gelling Fiber Dressing


Durafiber, manufactured by Smith and Nephew, is an innovative dressing for infected and non-infected wounds.The dressing is made of a gelling fiber that fashions a soft bond when contacting fluid. Learn More