Allevyn Dressings by Smith & Nephew, Adhesive and Foam Dressings

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Allevyn Dressings by Smith & Nephew | Adhesive, Foam Dressings and More!


Allevyn Dressings are hydocellular dressings for wound care that remove fluid faster than regular dressings. Allevyyn Foam Dressings and Allevyn Adhesive Dressings are manufactured by Smith & Nephew and are designed to treat chronic and exuding wounds. The advantage offered by Allevyn Smith & Nephew Dressing is the ability to promote faster healing while reducing the risk of maceration. By maintaining a moist wound environment, Allevyn Dressings provide improved treatment for exuding wounds. See the chart at the bottom of this web page for selecting the Allevyn Adhesive Dressing for your needs. Be sure to check out top Allevyn products like the Allevyn Adhesive Dressing, Allevyn Foam Dressing, and the Allevyn Cavity Dressing.
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Featured Allevyn Products

Allevyn Adhesive Hydrocellular Dressing


Combines a centrally located absorbent hydrocellular polyurethane pad sandwiched between a perforated adhesive wound contact layer and a waterproof outer film. Low allergy adh Learn More
Allevyn Polyurethane Foam Dressing


Highly absorbent, 3-layer pad for heavy wound exudate. Learn More
Allevyn Hydrocellular Heel Dressing


Designed for a superior anatomical and comfortable fit to enhance management of wounds on the heel. For exudate absorbsion and the management of partial to full thickness woun Learn More
Allevyn Adhesive Sacrum Dressing


The Smth and Nephew Adhesive Sacrum dressing uses the same unique tri-laminate structure used in Smith and Nephew's non-adherent dressings and combined it with an effective an Learn More
Allevyn Plus Adhesive Dressing


Using Smith and Nephew's patented Allevyn tri-laminate structure design, the Plus Adhesive will handle high to extra high levels of exudate (65% more than standard Allevyn Adh Learn More
Allevyn Compression Dressing


Allevyn Compression Dressing are made of a highly absorbent foamed polyurethane gel with a film top layer. Lightly adhesive to dry skin; cushions wounded skin. Can be used with compression therapy. Learn More
Allevyn Polyurethane Dressing


Highly absorbent trachea dressing. 3-layer pad for heavy exudate. Fenestrated. Learn More
Allevyn Cavity Wound Dressing


The Smith and Nephew Non-Adhesive Allevyn Cavity Wound Dressing is made up of highly absorbent hydrocellular foam chips covered with a non-adherent perforated wound contact la Learn More

Other Top Selling Allevyn Products

ALLEVYN Gentle Border Foam Dressing


ALLEVYN Gentle Border Foam Dressing is manufactured by Smith & Nephew for patients with fragile skin. The ALLEVYN Gentle Border Dressing is constructed with hydrocellular foam and has a gel adhesive that is gentle to the skin. Learn More
ALLEVYN Gentle Border Lite Dressing


ALLEVYN Gentle Border Lite Wound Dressing combines a lighter foam that is conformable and comfortable to wear with the gentleness of a silicone adhesive. Learn More
Allevyn Thin Dressing


Allevyn Thin Dressing provides a barrier to bacteria and is designed to provide wound care for a broad spectrum of wounds. Allevyn Thin Dressing are particularly useful for treating slightly exuding and superficial wounds. This thin dressing molds to body contours easily. The Allevyn Thin Dressing is oxygen and water vapor permeable. Learn More
ALLEVYN Alginate Gentle Border Silver Dressing


ALLEVYN Alginate Gentle Border Dressing is manufactured by Smith & Nephew for patients with fragile skin. Contains silver and has a silicone gel adhesive that is gentle to the skin. Learn More