Common Questions About Catheters

What is a foley catheter?
What is a touchless catheter?
What is an intermittent catheter?
What is a Condom (Texas) catheter?
What is a Cunningham Clamp?
Do you sell female catheters?
What is an insertion tray?
Which drainage or leg bag should I choose?

What is a Foley Catheter?

A Foley Catheter is a long tube inserted into the bladder. The catheter is held in place by a balloon filled with sterile water. The balloon is not large and should not hurt when inflated. On inflation, urine will drain into the drainage bag. People with undefinable bladders, known bladder tumors, and lower abdominal wounds and scarring.

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What is a Touchless Catheter?

Touchless Catheters are similar to regular catheters, but have an insertion device which allows the catheter to be inserted without touching the penis. The catheters help with sanitation and cause less mess.

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What are Intermittent Catheters?

Intermittent Catheters are used by people who have short-term incontinence, which often caused by gynecological and neurological problems. The catheters are generally self-administered and require a fair amount of dexterity and flexibility in the arms and legs.

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What are Condom Catheters?

Condom catheters, sometimes called "Texas Catheters", are shaped like a condom and fit over the penis in the same manner. The urine drains out of the catheter into a tube. They are typically used for short-term because of long-term use side effects such as urinary tract infections and ureathreal blockage.

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What is a Cunningham Clamp?

Cunningham Penile Clamps consists of a steel frame surrounded by foam padding. The steel frame clamps around the penis and closes off the urethra. This clamping prevents urine from leaking out at embarrassing moments. The clamp has five different settings allowing the patient to chose the optimal comfort level. Other Incontinence Clamps include the Gyrx Squeezer Klip and the Jackson Medical J Clamp.

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Do you sell female catheters?

Yes, we sell both Female Catheters and Female Urinals.

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What is an insertion tray?

Insertion trays are kits which include the necessary accessories to insert a catheter. The products included in Insertion Trays vary; be sure to check the product description to make sure that it has the products needed.

  • Lubricant: lubricates the catheter
  • Latex gloves: in order to maintain sterility
  • Underpad: prevents leaks
  • Sterilizing solution: sterilizes the catheter
  • Prepping balls: used to apply sterilizing solution
  • Forceps: assists with the insertion of the catheter

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Which Drainage Bag or Leg Bag should I choose?

Make sure the bag is just the right size for your needs and that it works with your catheter. Anti-reflux models are also helpful because the valve prevents urine for going backwards in the tube.

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