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Cunningham Clamp

By Bard
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  • Most doctor recommended
  • Long product life
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Cunningham Clamp is an effective incontinence device to help control male urinary stress incontinence. Stress incontinence for men occurs when they are unable to control urine flow. This simple male incontinence clamp has helped thousands of men cope with dribbling and incontinent side effects secondary to prostate cancer, stroke, and other urinary problems. Manufactured by Bard Medical, this penis clamp offers effective incontinence control in lieu of wearing adult diapers.

Cunningham Penile Clamp is a hinged, stainless steel frame supporting two foam rubber pads and a locking device. The user places the penis between the two foam pads and the hinged clamp is squeezed shut. The lower foam pad on the Cunningham Clamp has an inverted "V" which presses against the underside of the penis exerting a closing pressure on the urethra, which is close to the underside of the penis. The ratchet locking clamping mechanism has five separate settings to control male incontinence. This permits the user to achieve the proper amount of pressure to prevent urine leakage without discomfort.

Cunningham Penis Clamp Features & Benefits

  • Reusable and washable.
  • Adjustable fitting.
  • Effective control of stress incontinence, enuresis or bed wetting.
  • Suitable for use with males of all ages.

Cunningham Incontinence Clamp Specifications

  • Cunningham Clamp Product Numbers: 004052, 004053, 004054.
  • Size Options: Juvenile, Regular or Large.
  • Sizes: 1-1/2 inch, 2 inch or 3 inch.
  • Materials: Steel, foam and latex.
  • Application: Control stress incontinence.
  • Non-sterile.
  • Replace every 3 months or when there are signs of deterioration, cracking, discoloration or separation of foam.
  • Manufacturer: Bard Medical.
  • HCPCS Code: A4356.
  • UNSPSC Code: 42291802.

Sizing the Cunningham Clamp is by penis shaft circumference, not length. Three sizes are available--large, regular or juvenile. Most men use the regular size clamp. Below is a guide to help you to select the best size clamp to meet your needs.

  • Step 1: measure the circumference of your penis with a tape measure.
  • Step 2: select the clamp that best meets your circumference measurement.
    • If your circumference measurement is 3 inches or more, select the large clamp.
    • If your circumference measurement is around 2 inches, select the regular clamp.
    • If your circumference measurement is around 1-1/2 inches, select the juvenile clamp.

Using the Cunningham Clamp

  • Place the clamp about halfway down the shaft of your penis between the two foam pads.
  • Tighten the clamp to compress your urethra. Use the ratchet catch to adjust the pressure. This is what stops urine flow. The large and regular clamps each have 5 settings that adjust the pressure on your urethra. To release the catch, press inward on both of the spring wire loops. The juvenile clamp is not adjustable.
  • Loosen your clamp every 1 to 2 hours to allow urine to flow. Going beyond 2 hours places you at higher risk of contracting a urinary tract infection. Reposition the clamp slightly up or down the shaft or you penis so that it is not in the same place as before.
  • Do not use the Cunningham Clamp at night while you are sleeping.
  • Ensure that the clamp is not set too tightly, cutting off blood circulation or causing skin irritation.

Cleaning your Bard Cunningham Clamp

  1. Wash your clamp in a sink with mild soapy water.
  2. Rinse your clamp thoroughly with clean water.
  3. Gently squeeze the foam to get rid of excess water.
  4. Air dry your clamp at room temperature away from excess heat or direct sunlight.
  5. Do not use bleach, detergent, or hot water on your clamp.
  6. Do not put your clamp in the washer or dryer
  7. Do not use a blow dryer on the clamp.

Cunningham Clamp Notes

Many incontinence clamp users keep three serviceable urine clamps on-hand at any given time. They rotate between two of the clamps daily and keep one as a spare. Rotating the clamp daily allows the foam pads to reposition fully before each use.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Bard
Community Q&A

Product Questions

I have nighttime incontinence, my urologist gave me a clamp, but Ive not uses it yet. I see that it is not recommended for night time due to length of time it may be clamped??
Is this item covered by medicare?
Does one have to remove this device completely from the penis in order to urinate?
Can these clamps be steam sterilized? If not what's the best way to disinfect?
Will this clamp set off a metal detector at the airport, courthouse etc.?
Is there a way that I could exchange the products dad ordered? He has never tried them on, simply used his finger to measure. I would want a size large.
WARNING: This product may contain chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. This product complies with all state and federal safety standards.

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The Greatest
I have used this clamp for 11 years along with a Tena moderate male guard. I am totally incontinent and this combo works great. The clamp can be bent to accommodate size and maintain comfort. They are easy to clean and can last longer than 30 days.
  • Allows total freedom and keeps me dry
  • nothing
hard to find, works like a champ
it was difficult finding the small size which fits me perfectly, and the price is quite reasonable. the urologist reminded me, wear for an hour, two at most, i do use fewer briefs and my skin gets some much-needed relief in between being taped up in plastic pants. Thanks for carrying this and getting it to me so quickly! they last a good while, but i will reorder from Vitality every time.
  • comfort, fit, convenience, price, service, delivery
  • none
Questionable size description
I ordered size Small, after opening package I noticed box showed size as Juvenile. Too small and could not return
Not quite as described
Unfortunately the product did not work as explained. And, per the recommendation on the website we ordered two of these and now the second one is not able to be returned. My error for not reading the fine print. I do not recommend this product. It is NOT comfortable and does not stay in place.
  • Bulky and uncomfortable
Cunningham clamp
This clamp is #2 in my opinion the Squeezer is my first choice. The Cunningham clamp last for 1 month and then plastic cover goes south and the sponge has served its usefulness. Medicare will only pay for one Cunningham Clamp every 3 months. The Squeezer cost $82 dollars and last about 2 months and is over priced. Price wise the Cunningham is a better value but not as comfortable. I use the Cunningham for 1 month then the Squeezer for 2 months. There was a previously designed Squeezer which was much better than the current one. To bad someone changed it. I have been using penile clamps for 8-9 years and have tried ever clamp available.

1-5 of 168

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  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5
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