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Pos-T-Vac Medical manufactures products for male impotence and erectile dysfunction, also known as ED. Erectile disorders can be emotionally demanding, which is why Pos-T-Vac has created effective and safe products to enhance your sex life. Featuring high quality products such as penis pumps and tension bands, erectile dysfunction has become manageable without surgery or the use of medications. In fact, Pos-T-Vac has a proven success rate of 90%, so you can be certain that performance will never be an issue.

All of our Pos-T-Vac products are available over the counter - no prescription is needed.

As one of the fastest growing erectile dysfunction treatments, Pos-T-Vac is a great choice. Depending upon your needs, Pos-T-Vac offers both battery and manually-operated penis pumps, including BOS-2000-2 Vacuum ED Penis Pump System, MVP Manual Penis Pump, and many more. Pos-T-Vac penis pumps will facilitate the erection. However, once you achieve an erection, to sustain it you will need Pos-T-Vac tension bands.
The design and construction of Pos-T-Vac tension bands integrate three important factors for effectiveness and comfort: size, tension, and displacement.
Ring size is measured in inches. Men may measure the circumference of their penis and convert the circumference to the diameter by using the Penis Ring Tension Band Calculator. Your selection should be the size that is closest to your diameter.
Ring tension varies by the diameter. In fact, the smaller the diameter, the more amount of tension will be applied to the penis, and the larger the diameter, the less amount of tension will be applied to the penis. If a particular penis ring becomes ineffective, you may want to try the next size down in order to get more tension.
Ring displacement involves the thickness of the tension band. Thicker Pos-T-Vac tension bands will displace more tissue. The amount of displacement affects the effectiveness and user comfort. So, in effect, the more displacement, the more comfort and effectiveness the user will experience.
By matching to the nearest diameter size, you will find the best Pos-T-Vac tension band for you. However, some men will need to experiment with several different sizes, tension levels, and amounts of displacement to find the one that fits best with their personal needs. Trial and error is the best way to find the right Pos-T-Vac penis ring for you.
Pos-T-Vac products are reimbursable by medical insurances, but it is important to check with your insurance representative if you plan to file for reimbursement.

Bonro Medical Penis Pumps

Georgia-based Bonro Medical, Inc. has been helping millions of men treat erectile dysfunction (ED) for more than a decade. The Vacurect Vacuum Erection Device is so effective, it can produce an erection in less than 60 seconds. In fact, Bonro's device is FDA-registered, verifying its safe and effective performance.

The key to Bonro Medical's successful Vacurect Vacuum Erection Device is a user-friendly, manually activated pump. This design eliminates the need for a battery-operated pump, which is bulky and can dampen the mood in the moments leading up to intercourse.

Designed by Bonro Medical's well-respected parent company -- Mainspring Medical, LLC -- the Vacurect Penis Pump does not require a prescription.

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