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Owen Mumford Sexual Health Products On Sale

Owen Mumford is an expert medical supply manufacturer that creates a broad range of products to improve patient quality of life, including injection pens, rapid diagnostic testing, eye care, sexual health, and more. With an extensive team of researchers and engineers and over 60 years of experience in the creation of medical devices, this company has had the time and experience to understand patient and healthcare professional needs. This company manufactures sexual health products to improve and extend the intimate lives of both women and men.

Owen Mumford's sexual health products are great drug-free options for the treatment of sexual health conditions such as Erectile Dysfunction and painful sex caused by vaginismus and dyspareunia. Such problems can arise from aging, stress, psychological conditions, post-radiotherapy issues, post-surgery complications, injury or trauma, and medical conditions. These products can increase marital and relationship satisfaction, self-esteem, self-confidence, and personal well-being. 1

The Rapport Vacuum Therapy Device

Rapport Set

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

There are many causes of erectile dysfunction. These include both physical and psychological ailments. Physical conditions include low testosterone and other hormonal aberrations, aging-related factors, cardiovascular disease, weight gain, and nerve damage caused by surgery (such as radical prostatectomy), diabetes, neurological damage, or multiple sclerosis. In addition, drinking alcohol, smoking, and certain medications for depression, high blood pressure, cancer, or coronary disease can cause ED. Psychological conditions include anxiety, depression, stress, and fear or guilt. 12

In some cases, erectile dysfunction may be part of a natural fluctuation that happens when men age. In these cases, it may go away on its own. 3

What Do Vacuum Pumps Do?

Vacuum Therapy Pumps are composed of an acrylic or plastic cylindrical device, a penis constriction band, and a pump that is either operated electrically or by hand. The pump fits around the penis and creates a vacuum. This effectively draws blood into the penis and results in an erection. Once the user has completed pumping, the pump is removed and the penis constriction ring is fitted around the base of the penis (for no more than thirty minutes at a time) to maintain the erection. Devices like the Rapport Vacuum Therapy Device take only a few minutes to help men achieve an erection. 4

Does Vacuum Therapy Help?

Rapport Works

When used properly, penis pumps are an exceptionally safe and effective option for men suffering from ED. Side effects from these devices are typically very mild and more uncommon than with any other ED treatment. 5 Among men with blood flow-related ED, satisfaction rates with vacuum therapy were found in one study to be 84%. In a study regarding ED caused by spinal cord injury, an 85% satisfaction rate was found.6

In multiple studies produced over a decade, 80 to 95% of users were recorded as having high rigidity rating results or personally reported vacuum pumps as being effective. 7 In addition, these devices are recommended by the American Urology Association. They are also recommended as the first line of treatment post-radial prostatectomy by 200716 British Society for Sexual Medicine Guidelines.8

Vacuum therapy pumps have many advantages, including the following:

  • They give men who are sensitive to medications a drug-free option
  • Other treatments can be used in conjunction with penis pumps
  • They are non-invasive and don't involve surgery
  • Expense is small compared to drugs and surgical solutions
  • Side effects are not common and typically very mild
  • Erectile function may eventually be achieved post-surgery

Rapport Vacuum Therapy

The Rapport Classic kit is a vacuum therapy set that includes everything needed to achieve erection without drugs or invasive measures. Each kit includes one vacuum tube, one hand pump, a convenient carrying case, an instruction manual, one loading cone, one tube of Aquagel Lubrication, two transfer sleeves (each a different size), and five penile rings, (each a different size). The hand pump includes a pressure release valve for safe and easy removal of the vacuum tube. Several penile ring and transfer sleeve size options mean this item will be a great fit for most men. This item is highly effective, allows users to achieve an erection in just minutes, and can be used on its own or in conjunction with any other erectile dysfunction treatment for optimal results. This product is an extra-safe and affordable treatment option for almost any cause of erectile dysfunction.

In addition to these many benefits, its use is an easy process. Men simply have to insert their penis into the vacuum tube while either lying, sitting, or standing (whatever is most comfortable) and pump slowly. If the tube fogs, men can immerse the tube in warm water. Next, the constriction ring is eased onto the penis base from the transfer sleeve. Finally, the vacuum is released with the pump's pressure release valve, the tube is pulled off, and the user is ready to go. Always read the full set of manufacturer's instructions and safety information included with the product before using the device.

Rapport Complete Set

Amielle Vaginal Dilators

Amielle Products

What Do Dilators Do?

Vaginal Dilators are made to help relieve women of vaginal pain, such as that caused by dyspareunia (vaginal pain upon penetration) and vaginismus (vaginal muscle spasms). When someone experiences vaginal narrowing and pain, it can make it difficult to withstand any type of insertion into the vagina, including that which occurs during sex, masturbation, medication insertion, and medical examination. Dilators can be used to gradually open the vagina to increase elasticity and tolerance. Such products not only increase pain tolerance but can also help relieve stress and anxiety as a woman can use them in the way and at a pace that is most comfortable for her. This Women's Health Product is an easy way for women to build confidence and optimism on their own and in the privacy and comfort of their own homes.

Dilators should always be used in tandem with sex therapy and medical advice and can be used as a complementary treatment item alongside other rehabilitative treatment options.

There are many reasons to use vaginal dilators. As a few examples, these items may help women with the following: 23

Hydrofiber Technology
  • Sexual activity engagement with alleviated pain and anxiety
  • Vestibulodynia-related pain alleviation (vulva pain)
  • Tissue damage curtailment
  • Increased vaginal capacity to make medical examination possible and more comfortable
  • Vaginismus treatment
  • Re-engagement in intimate activity post-cervical cancer and radiotherapy
  • Vaginal loosening post-menopause
  • Vaginal stenosis and fibrosis prevention
  • Mental health promotion
  • Post-childbirth recovery
  • Post-surgical recovery

Do Dilators Really Work?

Yes, while some women may require surgery for a full recovery, vaginal dilators have been found to work for most women and a broad range of conditions. For example, in a 2008 study 4, fifteen women between the ages of 23 and 55 were given the Amielle dilator for vulvodynia and instructed to use them regularly for eight weeks. All fifteen women's' symptoms improved significantly within that time. In 2009, another study was conducted using Amielle and nine out of the ten women showed significant improvement.5 The University of Michigan's Michigan Medicine and the American Cancer Society are two of many organizations that recommend dilator use. 67

Amielle Comfort

Amielle Comfort Sizes

Owen Mumford's Amielle Comfort set is a full set of dilators made for women with Dyspareunia, Vaginismus, and other vaginal conditions. It is a gentle option for restoring vaginal health and positive intimate experiences. This product comes as a set that includes five graduated exerciser cones. These start at a size zero that measures 2-3/4 inches by 5/8 inches. The largest size measures 6-1/4 inches by 1-1/5 inches and matches the size of an average-sized penis when it is fully erect. These sizes were chosen so users can work their way back up to sexual discourse without complication. Also included are a lubrication gel and an insertable handle that twists and locks into the dilator to make insertion and removal easy. A carrying case is also included so it can be taken anywhere easily and discreetly. This product requires a doctor's prescription. This item has a curved tip for easy insertion and an extra-small gauge starter cone.

The Amielle Comfort is easy to use. All a user needs to do to use these products is first to lie on their back with their knees bent and legs separated and relax as much as they can. Next (with the handle already locked into place), they would lubricate the dilator and gently insert it into the vagina at an upwards angle as far as is comfortably possible. All that is left to do after this step is to leave it in place for the recommended length of time. Users should always start at the smallest size exerciser cone and work their way up. Always read the full list of user manual instructions before using these products.

Amielle Accessories

Amielle Care

Amielle Care Sizes

The Comfort and Care sets are similar items with a few key differences. As opposed to a curved tip, the Amielle Care has a flat tip. Both are designed to be gentle and smooth for frictionless insertion. This item also has a slightly larger starter cone length and diameter. While the Comfort set comes with a 2-3/4 x 5-4/5 inch starter cone, this product's starter cone measures 3-1/2 x 3/4 inch. This dilator set is an exceptionally good choice for women who have recently gone through radiotherapy and are experiencing scarring, dryness, and other vaginal issues as it is designed with them specifically in mind.

Using Amielle Products

How long should you keep a dilator in?

The Amielle Comfort should be left in place for up to five minutes. The Care should be used for three to ten minutes.

How often should you use dilators

The more often this product is used, the better and faster the results. Owen Mumford recommends using these items daily. These products should be used at least twice a week.

Rapport Studies and Sources

Amielle Studies and Resources