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Investing in a Hospital Bed -- 3 Factors to Consider

A hospital bed at home is often a necessity when caring for someone who is sick, disabled, or in any long-term care situation. If you're reading this, you've already probably thought about the reasons for purchasing a hospital bed and probably know the obvious advantages they offer:

  • The ability to raise the patient's legs and upper body.
  • To keep one from falling with side rails.
  • The numerous adjustment capabilities to keep the user safe and comfortable.

When an individual is spending most of their time in bed getting the best bed to fit their needs will be a wise investment. You may wonder, what factors should be considered before making the purchase? What will make the best hospital bed for my patient or loved one? Well, here are four top factors to consider to help narrow your search along with the select choices from our catalog that match the criteria.

Factor 1 - Assessing the Patient's Needs

For the best hospital bed choices, the selections are dependent on the one who is going to spend most time in bed. What are their health needs? The best hospital bed choice for them will help to meet those needs. Consider, what do they need the most assistance doing? And are they ambulatory -- can they get out of the bed by themselves? These are among the critical questions that need to be answered. Others could be:

  • Will the patient be able to sit up or move around in bed without assistance?
  • Do they have a fall risk where rails would need to be implemented?
  • Do they have fragile skin or are they prone to bed sores given the amount of time spent in the bed?
  • What price level can the patient afford?
  • Could someone make adjustments manually for the patient?
  • Does the patient have bariatric needs and need an extra-large support and lying area?

Hospital Bed Suggestions for Patient Needs

Lowest Cost Hospital Bed -- See the Value Care Duo Semi Electric Bed, by Invacare.

Bariatric Bed Choices -- Look to the selection of Bariatric Hospital Beds for larger patients.

Hospital Beds to Ward Against Infection, Bed Sores -- Look to the Matrix II Hi Low Hospital Beds, by Graham Field.

Patients Who Need Long-Term Care -- Look to the Long-Term Hospital Beds.

Factor 2 - Types of Adjustments: Head, Legs and Body Elevation

Typically when one thinks of a hospital bed, it is with a frame that bends, articulates in line with the body -- specifically the knees and back. For the back, when the patient needs to sit up and eat or talk, the top frame needs to bend upward. This goes for the knees as well. At times the patient needs to have the knees bent and supported to take the pressure off the heels. And for those who have poor leg circulation, to have the legs propped up is ideal. So what you need to consider, and this is also based on the patient's ability, is if a full-electric, semi-electric, or manual is needed. Full-Electric bed will allow the user to electrically toggle raising the legs, chest, and bed elevation (depending on options). A semi-electric bed will typically allow back or bed elevation to raise. A manual hospital bed will require the use of a crank to raise and lower.

Hospital Bed Electronic Adjustment Categories

Manual Hospital Beds: View all the Manual Hospital Beds.

Semi-Electric Hospital Beds: View all the Semi-Electric Hospital Beds.

Full-Electric Hospital Beds: View all the Full-Electric Hospital Beds.

Factor 3 - Mattresses and Attachments

As mentioned before, bed rails are important for patients or loved ones who may be prone falling from the bed. They also provide a handhold to aid the bed user in movement and stability getting up. These are probably the most sought after accessory, but depending on the first factor (patient needs), these items are secondary to the most important component: the hospital bed mattress. Many hospital bed mattresses are protected for heavy use. They are reinforced and typically made easy to clean for any incontinence issues.

Suggested Accessories to Assemble the Best Hospital Bed

Hospital Bed Rails: View all Hospital Bed Rails.

Hospital Bed Rail Protectors: View all Hospital Bed Rail Protectors.

Hospital Bed Mattresses.

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