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What Is a Two Piece Drainable Pouch?

A Two Piece Drainable Pouch is an ostomy pouch that works with a skin barrier (also sometimes called a baseplate or a wafer) to attach the pouch.

  • Each drainable ostomy pouch has a tail that can be unrolled and rolled up at will and held firmly in place with an ostomy clip/closure.
  • These pouches are simple and easy to drain: simply unclip the bag, unroll the tail and empty the content.
  • To roll up the tail, gently pinch the sides of the bag, carefully roll up the tail and clip it securely in place.
  • Most drainable ostomy pouches come with complimentary tail closures, although extra closures can be ordered.
  • A two piece drainable pouch is designed with an easy to use snap-on/snap-off design to allow you to quickly and effectively change your bag as needed.
  • A comfortable skin barrier is designed to adhere around your stoma to provide a hassle-free, non-invasive user experience as you continue about your daily activities.

Different Types of Two Piece Drainable Ostomy Bags

There are several different types of two piece drainable ostomy pouches. Some of the most popular types include the following:

  • Pouches with filters to effectively control and reduce odor and gas build-up.
  • Opaque pouches to conceal the contents of the pouch.
  • Transparent pouches to allow wearers to view the contents of the pouch.
  • Pouches with 1-Sided Comfort Panel or 2-Sided Comfort Panel to provide a completely comfortable user experience.
  • Mini Drainable Pouches for patients who prefer a smaller pouch or for patients who have a decreased amount of output. Can also be used for shorter periods of time or for swimming and intimate moments.
  • Maxi Drainable Pouches for patients with a high level of output or for bariatric patients.

Select a Two Piece Closed Pouch

We carry many different types of 2-piece drainable ostomy pouch products from several different manufacturers, such as:

  • Hollister Medical: Hollister Medical offers an expansive range of ostomy pouching systems as well as a complete range of ostomy accessories. Hollister Medical products are committed to providing ostomy patients with a high level of care.
  • Coloplast: Coloplast is well-known in the ostomy community for providing quality products including pouches, skin barriers and wafers. Coloplast also offers quality ostomy and ileostomy pouches (including both one-piece and two-piece systems). Coloplast is a great resource if you're searching for a full range of ostomy product selection.
  • ConvaTec: ConvaTec offers a wide assortment of ostomy pouches and accessories that are affordable and manufactured with quality. ConvaTec offers a wide range of ostomy products, including ostomy pouches, cut-to-fit wafers, protective powders, deodorizers, and much more.

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