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Vitamin & Mineral Supplements

Keeping your body in good health starts with a balanced diet of foods packed with essential vitamins and minerals. However, not everyone can claim to have perfect eating habits, which results in lacking nutrients necessary for a healthy body and mind. This is where dietary supplements can help. Supplements should be viewed as "enhancers" rather than a replacement for foods that are important to a healthy diet. Not all supplements are required to be Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved. However, those with FDA approval allow the consumer to ingest supplements with the confidence that there is no possibility of contamination, improper packaging and labeling, too much or too little ingredients or supplements that include the wrong ingredient. Keep in mind that the best practice when consuming supplements is to always consult your doctor first.

Reasons to Choose Health Supplements

Current commercial agriculture practices may often result in vitamin and mineral deficiency in the soil, which affects the health of food growth. Not only can signs of this become a problem in produce, it can affect the quality of food that is ingested by our animal-protein sources. Supplements can provide the missing benefits that some agricultural soils take away from the food we rely on.

Many foods are shipped long distance or stored for a long periods of time. This can result in the depletion or total loss of their natural-healthy nutrients and antioxidant properties. Food processing and genetic breeding of fruits and vegetables are another problem in the nutritional value of our food sources. Supplements, such as Healthy Origins Natural Resveratrol can provide you with the missing nutrients that occur in these instances.

Pharmaceutical companies have multiplied over the years, even though medications can be extremely helpful to those who require them, they often deplete essential nutrients that the body requires to function properly.

There are particular times in a person’s life where a higher need for specific nutrients is required. For example, women who are pregnant require more folic acid; women during menopause may experience calcium deficiencies and health supplements, such as Herb Pharm Healthy Menopaus Tonic can provide missing nutrients needed to maintain a healthy body.

The environment can cause pollution in the water, air and sources of food. This can be harmful to the body and cause a lack in "detoxifying" nutrients in the body. Vitamins A, E and C are natural antioxidants, but they are often negatively effective by the environment.

Nutritional Effects of Supplements on Your Health

There are a vast amount of supplements available that can benefit your health in a variety of ways, but why should you consider adding a health supplement to your daily nutritional intake?

You find eating "well" a challenge due to a busy schedule or consume less than 1,600 calories a day. Vegetarians and vegans may also find it difficult to ingest the required amount of nutrients the body needs to function at peak performance.

Bottle of TwinLab Fish Oil

Not a fish fan? The recommended serving of fish per week is three (at least), which can be a difficult task for many. Allergies, lifestyles or downright distaste for the seas protein supply can make getting these nutrients difficult. However, there are fish oil supplements that are packed with healthy amounts of Omega-3. For example, Twinlab Super Twin EPA DHA Fish Oil supplements support cardiovascular health, supply the recommended amount of Omega-3 and boost your overall health.

Food allergies, chronic diarrhea, food intolerance, disease within the liver, pancreas, gallbladder or intestines can have a negative effect on how the body absorbs certain nutrients. Supplements can help the body retain the vitamins and minerals that are often lost due to these ailments. Those who've required surgery on the digestive tract can benefit from this, as well.

Choosing and Adding Supplements to Your Diet

Always consult with your doctor about which supplements would benefit you and your needs before introducing them into your diet. Read each label carefully, avoid unnecessary dosing and pay attention to expiration dates. Shelf lives will have an effect on the nutritional value of a supplement

If you are among the growing amount of people who find it hard to get the nutrients needed to maintain your health, supplements can be the answer. They contain nutritional benefits for your hair, skin and nails, blood sugar support or bone and joint renewal, which can be found in supplements such as, Tart Cherry Concentrate Joint Formula, Buried Treasure Joint Ease Dietary Supplement and Health Logics Spinetrac C2.

You can find supplements that increase brain and memory function, such as Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract Ginkgo Biloba Plus Memory or supplements that aid in dietary issues, such as cleansing/detoxing supplements, which also supply the nutrients you require for sexual, respiratory or thyroid health. They can even be beneficial to help ease the discomforts that come with the common cold. Vitamins and minerals found in each supplement can be the boost you require for daily and long-term health.

Types of Supplements

Liquid/Drops - These types of supplements are made to be taken as is in their concentrated form or they may require you to add them to water or juice. For example,Christophers Ear and Nerve Dietary Supplement is a drop used in its consentrated form, but others require you to dilute the liquid. This is where reading each label carefully is extremly important. Taking too much can be harmful and taking too little will render them ineffective.

Capsules - This is the most common form of supplements. All the beneficial ingredients are found in an easy to swallow capsule or pill.

Powder - This type comes in many different flavors, which makes it easy to mix with your favorite drink. The most common use for powder supplements is to elevate the amount of protein that one consumes. Those who are working on adding muscle mass to their frame find this to be a simple way to boost their consumption of the nutrients required to help the body build muscle in a healthy way.

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Organic/Vegetarian Options - Each person is unique, which makes their lifestyle choices unique, as well. Some choose to only eat organic foods and some choose to be vegetarian or vegan. This can make getting certain nutrients required to maintain a healthy body difficult for some. However, there are supplements available, such as Deva Vegan Astaxanthin Super Antioxidant and Genceutic Naturals Wild and Pure Resveratrol Dietary Supplement that have natural ingredients and provide missing nutrients within ones diet.

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