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Protective Sleeves for Arms, Legs & Hands

Protective sleeves are designed to protect the extremities of seniors and individuals with thin skin. These sleeves are available in a wide variety, from leg and forearm protective sleeves for elderly individuals to protective hand sleeves and protective leg sleeves. The coverage that these sleeves provide is essential for protection from cutting and brusing and can also provide light compression for reduced swelling.

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Why Seniors Should Protect Their Skin

As seniors get older, their skin tends to become more delicate and fragile. Because of this, it can be damaged by bruises and cuts more easily. Clothing designed specifically to protect the skin can help reduce the number of injuries and relieve the stress associated with day-to-day accidents. Protective arm sleeves for thin skin also adds comfort and compression to reduce swelling while protecting the skin. These sleeves are available in a wide range of colors, allowing users to accessorize with a fun color or keep it subtle with flesh-toned protection. Many individuals that benefit from protective sleeves also use Pressure Ulcer Management and Bed Sores Prevention Products.

Protective Sleeves Key Benefits

Protection for Thin Skin and Bruising

Adding a comfortable and gentle layer of protection to arms, legs, hands, and other extremities reduce incidents of bruises and cuts for individuals with thin skin. Whether it be caused by bumping or scratching, elderly individuals frequently experience damage to the skin. These sleeves provide a soft, comfortable barrier.

Slight Compression for Reduced Swelling

Many sleeves provide various levels of compression. Most provide slight compression that helps reduce swelling and discomfort in the individual's extremities. Having this additional support provides the benefits of two products in one comfortable sleeve. With slight compression, the overall risk of bruising and cuts is reduced as well.

Security, Comfort, and Peace of Mind

Having a layer of protection also adds a level of security and peace of mind. Without having to worry about excessive bruising or cuts from bumping or scratching throughout the day, individuals can focus on what's important. In addition to peace of mind, these light-compression sleeves provide comfort and support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do protective sleeves work?
A: The sleeves add a layer of compressive fabric that protects the skin from abrasions, bruises, snags, and tears throughout the day. The light compression reduces swelling to imrpove overall comfort.

Q: What is the best way to protect skin from tears and bruising?
A: There are various methods to reduce tears and bruising with thin skin. These sleeves are designed to cover a range of these methods. By pairing protection with compression, these sleeves reduce bumping and scratching while minimizing swelling.

Q: What should be used with protective sleeves?
A: The sleeves are beneficial products to be used on their own. For extra precaution, individuals may benefit by pairing with skin creams with aloe and vitamin E, such as Medline's Sooth & Cool Cream.

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