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Lift Chairs, Recliners, and Commode Seats play an important role in helping those who require assistance standing up without extra strain on their hips and joints. There are several options that are functional and designed with the individual’s safety in mind. Technology has come a long way with lifting chairs and assists; they are helpful and can accommodate all body types and sizes. There are several different options to help someone easily and safely stand from any sitting position.

Which seat lift is best for you?

Seat Lift Assists

This particular type product is designed to help individuals to comfortably stand from a seated position. They are ideal for kitchen chairs, recliners and living room furniture. This lift-assist is perfect for those who require help standing from a sitting position on the couch, any chair, and even within a vehicle. They provide assistance similar to the Mangar Elk Cushion.

Commode Lifts

You will experience both safety and comfort within the restroom when using a commode lift. They have a full functionality that allows you to easily stand from a sitting position from the toilet seat. They are easy to install, lightweight, and compatible with multiple toilet bowls. They are perfect for those who require extra stability getting up from the seat and provide balance and mobility.

Lifting Chairs

For those who love to relax in a recliner, watch their favorite TV show, read a book, or enjoy a conversation in a comfortable chair with their favorite friends and family, but who have trouble standing from the sitting position, recliner lifting chairs are the perfect solution. They are soft, comfortable, and provide assistance for those who have difficulty getting up from a sitting position.

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