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Hip Chairs

What is a Hip Chair?

Hip chairs are designed to be the best chairs for hip replacement recovery. With a hip chair, the seat is higher, typically 26 to 27 inches at the seat in comparison to a standard chair that sits at 18 inches. Elevating the seat means there is less bending when sitting and standing. This reduces stress on the joints, making a chair after hip surgery ideal for recovery to help reduce general aches and pains at the hip and knee. A hip chair with arms is standard to help balance and add support when entering and exiting the chair. Vitality Medical offers a wide variet of hip chairs for sale and prices you can afford.

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Who Would Find Hip Chairs Useful?

Individuals with the following conditions may benefit:

  • Arthritis
  • Chronic hip pain
  • Knee pain
  • Recovery after hip or knee replacement
  • Post-hip surgery


Items To Consider When Buying a Hip Chair

  • Armrests with or without padding
  • Molded seat or cushioned seat and backrest
  • Footrest

How long an individual will be in a rehabilitative chair will determine if a standard armrest and molded seat will do. For longer seating periods, upgrading to a hip chair with a cushioned seat and armrest creates a more comfy seating experience.

The Deluxe Wood Hip High Chair by Drive Medical has all of these features, including a footrest. The footrest props the feet up and supports the feet for repositioning. Some models are made with a fixed footrest height. The Lumex Everyday Hip Chair allows the footrest to be raised or lowered to any of the three height positions.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How high should chairs be after hip replacement?
A standard chair height is 18 inches. After hip surgery, it's helpful to have the chair seat at 26 inches or greater.

Are hip chairs adjustable?
Not all models of hip chairs have adjustable features. Some offer adjustable legs and as well as an adjustable footrest position.

What other options are there to raise the seat height after hip replacement surgery?
An alternative to a hip chair is affixing a cushion to the chair.

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