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Vitality Medical provides you with all the essential Activity Aids for comfortable daily living. We offer a wide variety of products in Bathing Aids to improve the quality of life for individuals who are bedridden or recovering from injury or surgery and are immobile.

There are also helpful Vision Aids and Hearing Assist products to help the elderly needing fundamental products to watch TV or answer the phone. The aging population and individuals with dexterity problems will find greater independence using the Sock Pull On found in the Dressing Aids category created to make dressing less daunting. Dexterity issues also can make cooking difficult when needing to open jars. However using the Jar Opener and closer, you can continue without having to wait for someone to come to your rescue and therefore this opener is truly a must-have for individuals with a weak grasp. Check out additional categories from our Activity Aids Store to find other useful products that make daily tasks safer, easier and convenient.

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Eating Assist Aids- These products include bowls, cups and cutlery. You can find special cutlery contoured for arthritic hands or disabled person with limited grasping ability.

Reaching Aids- Choose from an assortment of reaching tools when bending and extending proves to be difficult. There is a wide range of reaching products that help with showering, pulling up socks and picking up small items from the floor using the popular Classic Pro Reacher.

Magnifiers- For the visually impaired individual, there are some life-changing products to magnify objects like bills, newspapers, recipes, prescription bottles by using the technology in the MonoMouse Magnifier .

Bibs- Here you can find a variety of bibs to protect clothing for home use or worn by a caregiver or patient in a medical setting. Bibs come in a wide selection of colors, materials for different uses. Bibs for home use are made from washable material to be reusable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. There are also disposable bibs to make cleanup easy and protect a health care professional.

Clothing Protection- In addition to bibs to protect clothing from stains and body fluids, Vitality Medical also supplies protective hospital gowns, and a variety of smokers aprons made of flame-retardant material to prevent a resident from igniting clothing while smoking

Leisure Aids- These aids are both interesting and useful products to use during leisure time. Watch TV and stretch muscles simultaneously using the Foot Rocker or place the Automobility Solution Swivel on top of the seat of a vehicle to easily exit for stress-free traveling.

Sporting Goods- This category is for sports enthusiasts. When guns and the shooting range is your game, Vitality Medical has accessories and gun cleaning kits to keep your gun protected and in top shape.

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