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Kendall Medical Supplies, a Covidien medical equipment supply company, provides a broad range of hospital equipment and supplies as well as home medical supplies and home medical equipment. Kendall is a branch of Tyco Healthcare. The Tyco Healthcare Kendall Store provides the following best selling home medical products and hospital product lines: Kendal Medical Diagnostics Equipment including Kendall Thermometers and Kendall Dopplers; Kendall Wound Care Products including Kendall Band-Aid Strips, Kendall Bandages, Kendall Gauze Pads, Kendall Gauze Sponges, Kendall ABD Pads, Kendall Transparent Dressings, Kendall Alginate Dressings, Kendall Hydrocolloid Dressing, Kendall Foam Dressings, Kendall Cloth Tape, Kendall Hypoallergenic Tape, Kendall Unna Boots; Kendall Urinary Supplies, including Kendall Catheters, Kendall Leg Bags, Kendall Drainage Bags, and Kendall Insertion Trays; Medical Compression Products including Kendall Embolism Stockings and Kendall DVT Sleeves; Tyco Healthcare Kendall Incontinence Products including Light Absorbency, Moderate Absorbency, and Heavy Absorbency; and other Kendall Medical Supplies including Kendall Needles and Syringes, Kendall Sharps Disposal, Kendall IV Supplies, Kendall Surgical Instruments, Kendall Latex Gloves, Kendall Disposable Wipes.

Best selling Kendall brands include Kangaroo, KenGuard, Curity, Dover, Kerlix, Tendersorb, and Wings. Kendall Medical Supplies are available for online purchases by hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, caregivers, long term facilities as well as for homecare.

Best selling Tyco Healthcare Kendall Medical Supplies are displayed at the bottom of this page:

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Featured Kendall Products

Durasorb Disposable Chux Underpad by Kendall


Durasorb disposable underpads are soft, durable, and flame retardant. The disposable underpads feature a dense layer of fluff that provides reliable overall protection and he Learn More

Other Top Selling Kendall Products

Oral Medication Syringes with Catheter Tip by Monoject


Oral Medication Syringes provide patients with liquid medications. These Oral Syringes have clear barrels that allow easy inspection of the contents. Learn More
Kangaroo Joey Pump Sets


Kangaroo Joey pump sets feature a feeding bag with a built-in anti free flow feature and the kangaroo feeding bags are DEHP Free, so that they are safe for individuals who are sensitive to DEHP. Learn More
CURITY Sheer Adhesive Bandages


CURITY Ouchless Adhesive Bandage is an Adhesive Bandage manufactured by Kendall. This Curity TBandage is a plastic bandage that is latex free and hypoallergenic. Learn More
TELFA AMD Non-Adherent Dressings


TELFA AMD Non-Adherent Dressing Pads are antimicrobial sponge dressings impregnated with PHMB (Polyhexamethylene Biguanide) which is highly effective against most organisms. Learn More
5 Quart Transparent Red Sharps Container with Counterbalance Lid 8507SA


SharpSafety In Room Sharps Containers with Counter Balanced Lid prevent overfilling and access to the contents of the container. Learn More
Monoject Hypodermic Needles - SoftPack


Kendall Standard Hypodermic Needles are ultra-sharp, tri-beveled, anti-coring needles with new improved needle lubricant. Learn More
Dover Hydrogel Coated Latex 2-Way Foley Catheters Standard Tip


Dover Latex Foley Catheters are Hydrogel Coated to provide easy insertion. The hydrogel coating offers catheter patients less trauma to the Learn More
Curity Hypoallergenic Clear Tape


Curity Hypoallergenic Clear Tape is ideal for securing catheters or IV tubing. This Hypoallergenic Tape is designed for individuals with sensitivities. Learn More
Dover Enema Bag & Tube


Dover Enema Bag Kit is a complete Enema Kit. The Dover Vaginal Dover Enema Bag & Tube is for use in hospitals. Learn More
Curity Cotton Tipped Applicators with LONG Wood Shaft


Curity Cotton Tipped Applicators are versatile cotton swabs. Manufactured by Kendall with Wood Shaft. Learn More
Monoject Hypodermic Needle - Rigid Pack


Monoject Hypodermic Needles Rigid Pack are ultra sharp and anti-coring. Monoject Hypodermic Needles are also tri-beveled needles. Learn More
Adhesive Remover Preppies Wipes


Adhesive Remover Wipes are designed to quickly and effectively remove barrier films for Ostomy patients. Adhesive Remover Wipes also remove Learn More
Kerlix Super Sponge Drianage Pack with WET-PRUF ABD Pad


Curity wound kits are all inclusive wound dressing kits for heavy exudate drainage. These wound dressing supplies are conveniently packaged in sterile packaging for convenience. Learn More
Webril Cotton Undercast Padding Regular Finish


Webril Cotton Undercast Padding is used for plaster casts or synthetic casts and is available in sterile or non-sterile versions. Learn More
Curity Ultramer Foley Catheter Trays with 2 Way Hydrogel Coated Latex Catheter


Curity Ultramer Foley Catheter Trays come with the items you need to comfortably insert a Foley Latex Catheter. Learn More
Simplicity Adult Quilted Briefs Super Absorbent


Simplicity Adult Quilted Briefs combine a super-absorbent polymer Simplicity Adult Quilted Briefs Features & Benefits Ultrasonically bonded Learn More
1.5 Quart Red SharpSafety Transportable Sharps Container with Screw Cap 8909


1.5 Quart Red SharpSafety Transportable Sharps Container with Screw Cap 8909 Learn More
20 mL Syringe by Monoject


20 mL Syringes are General Purpose Syringes from Monoject. 20 mL (20cc Syringes) come with a syringe cap. These Disposable Syringes are SoftPack packaged. Learn More
2 Quart Clear SharpSafety Sharps Container with Mailbox Style Lid 85021


In-Room Multi-Purpose Sharps Container has a mailbox style lid that stays closed when the container is not in use. Learn More
Irrigation Trays with Syringe by Dover


Dover Syringe Irrigation Trays by Kendall are used for Bladder Irrigation or Wound Irrigation. The irrigation tray has graduated measurements Learn More
Kangaroo Joey Accessories


Accessories compatible with the Kangaroo Joey. Learn More
Curity Urine Drainage Bag Luer-Slip Anti-Reflux Device Drain Port 2000mL Bag


Curity Urinary Drainage Bags come with an Anti-reflux Chamber and provide a capacity of 2000 mL. Learn More
1 mL Tuberculin Syringe without Needle by Monoject


1 mL Tuberculin Syringes are designed specifically for tuberculin injections with a volume of 1 cc or 1 mL. Learn More
3 mL Safety Syringes and Needles by Monoject


Monoject 3 mL Syringe and Needles come with Safety Syringe to protect patients and caregivers from accidental needle sticks. Learn More
TELFA Clear Wound Dressing


TELFA Clear Wound Dressing is a transparent wound dressing designed for burns, skin grafts and donor sites. Convenient pre-cut sizes are sterile to protect the wound site from contamination. Learn More
Blunt Tip IV Cannula Syringe by Monoject


Monoject Blunt Tip IV Syringe and Cannula provide needleless access to I.V. systems. Monoject Blunt Tip IV Syringe and Cannula allow caregivers to remove the presence of needles from the hospital room. Learn More
5 Quart Clear SharpSafety Sharps Container with Mailbox Style Lid 85121


5 Quart Clear SharpSafety Sharps Container with Mailbox Style Lid 85121

Manufacturer Description:

The Mailbox-Style lid provides an economical horiz… Learn More

Kangaroo Y Port Feeding Tube Adapters


Kangaroo Y Port Feeding Tube Adapters are replacement adapters for Kangaroo P.E.G. Kits. Learn More
1 mL Tuberculin Syringes and Needles - Rigid Pack

Monoject Tuberculin Syringes come with a permanently attached needle or with a detachable needle. Tuberculin Syringe with Needle have graduations for easier measurements and accurate dosage. Learn More
1.5 Quart Black RCRA Hazardous Waste Container with Screw Cap 8601RC


RCRA Hazardous Waste Containers are designed to segregate hazardous pharmaceutical waste under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). Learn More
Curafil Hydrogel Impregnated Gauze Sponge Dressing


Curafil is a Hydrogel Dressing used to provide a moist wound environment to promote healing. Curafil is an impregnated Gauze Sponge Dressing. Learn More
Kangaroo Gastrostomy Feeding Tubes with Y Port and Safe Enteral Connections Silicone


Kangaroo Gastrostomy Feeding Tubes come with a Y-Port designed to provide safe Enteral Feeding connections. Learn More
TELFA PLUS Island Dressing


TELFA PLUS Island Dressing provides maximum absorbency. The soft non-woven backing conforms and seals the wound on all four sides of the TELFA Island Dressing. Learn More
COPA Plus Hydrophilic Ultra Soft Foam Dressing


COPA Plus Hydrophilic Foam Dressing is an Absorbent Wound Dressing that comes with a polyurethane backing topsheet. Learn More
3 mL Syringes with Safety Needle by Magellan


Magellan 3 mL Syringes with Safety Needle come with a pre-attached Needle and safety device to protect caregivers. Learn More
Webril II Cotton Undercast Padding Crimped Finish


Webril II Cotton Undercast Padding has a crimped finish that provides extra loft and conformability. Webril II Undercast Padding can be used Learn More
Curity Maternity Pad


Curity Maternity Pads are specially designed to assist women with postpartum care. Learn More
Kangaroo Nasogastric Feeding Tube


Kangaroo Nasogastric Non-Weighted Feeding Tubes come with a dual port design and with a radiopaque line. Learn More
Curasalt Sodium Chloride Dressings


Curasalt is a Sodium Chloride Dressing that is a hypertonic saline dressing in a convenient pre-saturated formulation to promote Wound Healing. Learn More
Curad Xeroform Gauze Dressing


Curad Xeroform Gauze Dressing by Kendall contains 3% Bismuth Tribrophenate as deodorizing agent. Learn More
Monoject Hypodermic Needle with Aluminum Hub


Monoject Hypodermic Needles from Kendall are equipped with an aluminum hub and have a color coded Monoject Hypodermic Needle with Aluminum Learn More
Wings Choice Plus Adult Quilted Briefs Maximum Absorbency


Wings Choice Plus Briefs are Quilted Briefs designed for Adult Incontinence. Wings Choice Plus Briefs provide Maximum Absorbency and may be Learn More
Midstream Urine Specimen Collection Container Kit by Dover


Dover Midstream Specimen Collection Container Kit provides for the easy collection of urine specimen. Learn More
MONOJECT Insulin Syringe with Needle - Rigid Pack


Monoject Insulin Syringes come with a 1 mL Syringe or a 0.5 mL Syringe (1 cc Syringe or 0.5 cc Syringe). Graduations markings on the syringe are easy to read. Learn More
2 Gallon Clear Sharps Container with Counterbalance Lid 8533SA


Multi-Purpose Sharps Containers are designed to provide safe Medical Waste Sharps Disposal. Multi-Purpose Sharps Containers lock for final disposal Learn More
Safety Needles by Magellan


Magellan Hypodermic Safety Needles are ultra-sharp Safety Needles that are anti-coring. The Magellan Safety Needle protects caregivers from accidental needle sticks. Learn More
Dover Vaginal Douche Irrigation Kit


Dover Vaginal Douche is a vaginal irrigation kit used for women. The Dover Vaginal Douche Irrigation Kit contains everything needed to complete irrigation. Learn More
Chemotherapy Spill Kits


Chemotherapy Spill Kits are designed for Hospitals and clinics to help you quickly contain a chemotherapy spill to limit patient and caregiver exposure. Learn More
Curafil Amorphous Hydrogel Wound Dressing Gel


Curafil Amorphous Hydrogel Wound Dressing is a Hydrogel Gel used for ulcers Kendall Curafil Amorphous Hydrogel Wound Dressing Gel Features Learn More
Harris Flush Enema Tube


Harris Flush Enema Tube is used to help flush flatus from a patient who has recently had surgery. Learn More