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Kendall Medical Supplies, a Covidien medical equipment supply company, provides a broad range of hospital equipment and supplies as well as home medical supplies and home medical equipment. Kendall is a branch of Tyco Healthcare. The Tyco Healthcare Kendall Store provides the following best selling home medical products and hospital product lines: Kendal Medical Diagnostics Equipment including Kendall Thermometers and Kendall Dopplers; Kendall Wound Care Products including Kendall Band-Aid Strips, Kendall Bandages, Kendall Gauze Pads, Kendall Gauze Sponges, Kendall ABD Pads, Kendall Transparent Dressings, Kendall Alginate Dressings, Kendall Hydrocolloid Dressing, Kendall Foam Dressings, Kendall Cloth Tape, Kendall Hypoallergenic Tape, Kendall Unna Boots; Kendall Urinary Supplies, including Kendall Catheters, Kendall Leg Bags, Kendall Drainage Bags, and Kendall Insertion Trays; Medical Compression Products including Kendall Embolism Stockings and Kendall DVT Sleeves; Tyco Healthcare Kendall Incontinence Products including Light Absorbency, Moderate Absorbency, and Heavy Absorbency; and other Kendall Medical Supplies including Kendall Needles and Syringes, Kendall Sharps Disposal, Kendall IV Supplies, Kendall Surgical Instruments, Kendall Latex Gloves, Kendall Disposable Wipes.

Best selling Kendall brands include Kangaroo, KenGuard, Curity, Dover, Kerlix, Tendersorb, and Wings. Kendall Medical Supplies are available for online purchases by hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, caregivers, long term facilities as well as for homecare.

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