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Rusch is a part of the Teleflex Medical Company. Rusch is well known for the manufacture anesthesiology, gastroenterology and urology medical products. Vitality Medical carries the best selling Rusch Urinary Supplies, including Rusch Catheters, Rusch Leg Bags, Rusch Drainage Bags, Rusch Irrigation Trays and Rusch Insertion Trays. Rusch Catheter products include Rusch Foley Catheters, Rusch Intermittent Catheters, Rusch Touchless Catheters and Rusch External Catheters. Among the Rusch Catheters are several specialty catheters including the O'Neil Touchless Catheter, the Robinson Nelaton Catheter, the Red Rubber Catheter, the FloCath Hydrophilic Coated Catheter, and the Coude Tip PTFE Coated Catheter.

Vitality Medical carries an assortment of Urinary Supplies including Leg Bags, Rusch Belly Bags, and Drainage Bags for sanitary urine collection and temporary storage. For products similar to Rusch's, take a look at Vitality Medical's selection of Catheters, Leg Bags and Insertion Trays.

Best Condom Catheters

A condom catheter, commonly known as a Texas catheter, is an external catheter, specifically designed for men. Some factors to consider when choosing a condom catheter are: adhesion and style.

  • Our most popular condom catheter that has a self-adhesive is the Ultraflex.
  • Our most popular condom catheter that offers a strap to attach the catheter is the Rusch Texas Condom Catheter.
  • For an extended-wear option, the Hollister Extended Wear is our most popular.

This type of catheter rolls onto the penis, similarly to a sex condom, and is used by men as an alternative to an indwelling catheter. Many men prefer an external catheter because it is less invasive than other models. Generally, an external catheter features an open tube at the distal part of the device, which then connects and directs urine into a collection device. Texas catheters are available in a variety of sizes, and commonly feature a flexible and soft sheath, which may or may not have an adhesive. The catheter is sticky on the inside so it adheres securely onto the penis. If a condom catheter does not feature an adhesive, you can separately purchase an adhesive tincture for better adherence.

At Vitality Medical, we carry the very best condom catheters available on the market. We only supply from brands that you know and have come to trust. Buy the best condom catheters from Vitality Medical and make catheterization an easy process today!

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