UltraFlex External Condom Catheter

Rochester Medical - Authorized Distributor

TOP Features:

  • Clear sheath for quick and easy skin inspection
  • Advanced adhesive material keeps catheter secure
  • Designed to be kink-resistant
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Fast Delivery
  • Easy Returns
Grouped product items
Item# Description Size Price
33101 Small: Size 25mm Each
33101 Small: Size 25mm Box of 100
$1.08 ea
33102 Medium: Size 29mm Each
33102 Medium: Size 29mm Box of 100
$1.20 ea
33103 Intermediate: Size 32mm - Ships Free! Each
33103 Intermediate: Size 32mm Box of 100
$1.07 ea
33104 Large: Size 36mm Each
33104 Large: Size 36mm Box of 100
$1.09 ea
33105 X Large: Size 41mm Each
33105 X Large: Size 41mm Box of 100
$1.10 ea
33301 Small 25 mm Each
33302 Medium 29 mm Each
33302 Medium 29 mm Box of 30
33303 Intermediate 32 mm - Ships Free! Each
33303 Intermediate 32 mm Box of 30
33304 Large 36 mm Each
33305 41 mm Each
33305 41 mm Box of 30
UltraFlex External Condom Catheters
UltraFlex External Condom Catheters


UltraFlex Condom Catheter is a silicone self-adhering catheter by Rochester Medical, the world's leading manufacturer of silicone catheters for urological care and male incontinence. The UltraFlex Catheter provides a built-in adhesive to keep this external catheter in place. Designed with a clear silicone material, the UltraFlex External Catheter is breathable to make wearing this condom catheter much more comfortable than standard external catheters. The breathability of this external catheter as well as the advanced adhesive material of the UltraFlex Self-Adhering Male External Catheter make the Rochester Male External Catheter of choice for many men who want security, comfort and peace of mind. Rochester External Catheters come in a wide array of catheter styles and sizes to meet the needs of individual urinary patients.

Rochester Medical UltraFlex Condom Catheters Features and Benefits

  • Clear sheath for easy visual inspection of skin.
  • Soft silicone and uniform adhesive for secure placement.
  • Superior breathability for enhanced comfort and optimal skin integrity.
  • Kink-resistant design to ensure continuous urine flow.

Rochester UltraFlex Male External Condom Catheters Specifications

Rochester UltraFlex Male External Catheters Provide Greater Breathability

WideBand External Condom Catheters Provide More Adhesive Area

Rochester UltraFlex Male External Catheters Provide Greater Security

WideBand External Condom Catheters Provide More Adhesive Area

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