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Rochester Medical

Rochester Medical is the world's leading developer and manufacturer of silicone catheters for incontinence care and bladder drainage. Rochester Medical specializes in medical supplies for incontinence and urine collection. Rochester provides innovative incontinence supplies and leg bags that allow more independence for people afflicted with incontinence. With over 20 years of experience in catheter design, Rochester Medical is well known as the Incontinence Care pioneer.Rochester Medical utilizes an all-silicone design in their catheters to eliminate allergen, toxin, and disposal concerns that may be associated with latex or PVC catheters. Rochester Catheters provide increased patient comfort and reduce the risk of bladder infection. Product lines for Rochester Catheters include Intermittent Catheters, Foley Catheters, Touchless Catheters, Straps and Leg Bags.

Rochester developed the first silicone self-adhering male external catheters. Vitality Medical provides the Rochester Wide Band Condom Catheter, the Rochester UltraFlex Condom Catheter, the Rochester Pop-On External Catheter, and the Rochester Natural Catheter.

Rochester Medical also pioneered Antimicrobial Intermittent Catheters and developed the Anti-infection Foley Catheter which is the only non-latex Foley proven to reduce catheter-associated urinary tract infections. Rochester's line of silicone intermittent catheters are safe, comfortable and easy to insert. Rochester Catheters are gentle on urethral tissues and are latex-free, PVC-free and DEHP-free.

Rochester Medical Silicone Self-adhering Male External Catheters

UltraFlex – The Rochester UltraFlex Catheter offers a built-in adhesive band in a length and placement found with traditional male external catheters. The Rochester UltraFlex has a clear, breathable silicone design that works well for a wide range of patients.

Pop-On - The Rochester Pop-On Catheter combines an adhesive with a 1.5-inch sheath. With a maximum adhesive area on a short sheath, the Pop-On Catheter provides men with a short penis or a retracted penis a catheter to meet their needs.

WideBand - The Rochester WideBand Catheter provides 70% more adhesive area within in a 3-inch adhesive width than traditional self-adhering designs.  Combined with Rochester’s patented forward placement of the adhesive, this
design helps prevent accidental catheter detachment.

Natural - The Rochester Medical all-silicone, non-adhesive Natural Catheter is ideal for patients who change external catheters several times daily.

Rochester Medical Intermittent Catheters

Rochester Intermittent Catheters are used to manage bladder drainage. The Rochester Catheter design is particularly helpful for urinary retention, bladder obstruction, and neurological disorders that cause paralysis or loss of sensation. Rochester Medical Intermittent Catheters are safe, comfortable, easy to install and gentle on urethral tissues. Rochester Medical Catheters are latex-free, PVC-free and DEHP-free. The quality of life for those who require intermittent catheterization is significantly improved through the use of Rochester Intermittent Catheters.

Magic3 Intermittent Catheters – These Rochester Catheters offer three layers of silicone to optimize easy insertion, handling and comfort. Rochester Magic3 Catheters are gentle on sensitive tissue. The Magic3 Intermittent Catheters are available in four options—Magic3, Magic3 Antibacterial, Magic3 Hydrophilic, Magic3 Antibacterial Hydophilic. Rochester offers the only silicone intermittent catheter with a non-systmic antibacterial coating.

Personal Intermittent Catheters – The Rochester Personal Intermittent Catheter uses and all-silicone design with four coating options to meet individual needs. The coating options include the Personal Catheter, the Antibacterial Personal Catheter, Hydorphlic Personal Catheter and the Antibacterial Hydro Personal Catheter.

Rochester Medical Foley Catheters

Rochester Medical Foley Catheters are designed with silicone to enhance comfort and eliminate risks that may be associated with exposure to latex devices. Because silicone is inert, toxin-free, and manufactured without harsh chemicals, it is ideal for safe, dependable Foley catheterization.

Best Condom Catheters

A condom catheter, commonly known as a Texas catheter, is an external catheter, specifically designed for men. Some factors to consider when choosing a condom catheter are: adhesion and style.

  • Our most popular condom catheter that has a self-adhesive is the Ultraflex.
  • Our most popular condom catheter that offers a strap to attach the catheter is the Rusch Texas Condom Catheter.
  • For an extended-wear option, the Hollister Extended Wear is our most popular.

This type of catheter rolls onto the penis, similarly to a sex condom, and is used by men as an alternative to an indwelling catheter. Many men prefer an external catheter because it is less invasive than other models. Generally, an external catheter features an open tube at the distal part of the device, which then connects and directs urine into a collection device. Texas catheters are available in a variety of sizes, and commonly feature a flexible and soft sheath, which may or may not have an adhesive. The catheter is sticky on the inside so it adheres securely onto the penis. If a condom catheter does not feature an adhesive, you can separately purchase an adhesive tincture for better adherence.

At Vitality Medical, we carry the very best condom catheters available on the market. We only supply from brands that you know and have come to trust. Buy the best condom catheters from Vitality Medical and make catheterization an easy process today!

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