Medical Reviewers & Editors

Here at Vitality Medical we take pride in providing accurate and helpful medical information to our consumers. Our goal is to educate and help our customers find the best products to provide the highest-quality of patient care.

In order to deliver reliable information, we have a contributing team of medical professionals who review and edit our Medical Blog and Buying Guides to make sure you receive dependable-medical information to improve your purchasing experience. The Vitality Medical blog is intended to give medical professionals, patients, and consumers reliable and factual information about the products we offer.

Our product information and resources are available to help you choose top-quality medical supplies in order to accommodate you and your patients needs.

Our Contributors

Dr. Erin Zinkhan MD, BSBE

Erin is a board-certified Neonatologist and Pediatrician. She has many years of experience in the medical field, which allows her to share her extensive knowledge with the Vitality Medical blog writing team. She has created multiple research articles and is currently a notable medical writer at AMWA (American Medical Writers Associtation).