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Listen Technologies Listen EVERYWHERE Server

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Listen EVERYWHERE 2 Channel Server




Listen EVERYWHERE 4 Channel Server




Listen EVERYWHERE 8 Channel Server




Listen EVERYWHERE 12 Channel Server




Listen EVERYWHERE 16 Channel Server



Listen EVERYWHERE 2 Channel Server - Each
SKU: LW-100P-02


Listen EVERYWHERE 4 Channel Server - Each
SKU: LW-200P-04


Listen EVERYWHERE 8 Channel Server - Each
SKU: LW-200P-08


Listen EVERYWHERE 12 Channel Server - Each
SKU: LW-200P-12


Listen EVERYWHERE 16 Channel Server - Each
SKU: LW-200P-16


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The Listen Technologies Listen EVERYWHERE series of servers offer wifi streaming solutions to deliver multiple channels of audio to listeners in many different venues. Each model allows up to 1000 users to connect to the venue's audio channels through their phones and tablets using the Listen Everywhere App. With five different channel number options, there is a good model for most any venue.

Listen EVERYWHERE Servers Overview

The Listen Everywhere experience allows venues -- such as entertainment facilities, educational settings, houses of worship, and more -- to easily connect their audio streams to users with a low-latency wifi connection. With the LE line of channel servers, owners can plug in their audio sources and Local Area Network (LAN) routers to their server. Customers and users can then download the Listen Everywhere app, available for both Android and IOS, and connect to the local wifi. Once they open the app, they will be connected to your channels.


LE Setup


The Listen Everywhere systems and servers are designed to be plug-and-play. However, with numerous factors to consider like the number of users on the app at one venue and the quality of your router, it is best to go through the guides and tips listed here as well as in the documentation and videos below. You may also want help from an IT specialist with an initial setup.

LE Server Network and Connections Options

The main difference between the different models of Listen Everywhere Servers is the number of audio channels that can be connected to them. Depending on your model you can connect two to 16 channels. Most ports and connection options are standard for all models, but there are a couple of notable differences for the 2 channel server.

  • Listen Everywhere 2 Channel Server (LW-100P-02)

The 100p-02 is able to broadcast up to two audio inputs. Unlike the larger models, these audio channels can be connected with an RCA Audio input connector or a Terminal Block audio input. The RCA connection allows for stereo input. To properly configure a stereo input, you will need to adjust your settings in your cloud service app. Instructions on how to do this are in the Listen Everywhere User Manual below.


LE-100p model


  • Listen Everywhere 4 Channel Server (LW-200P-04)
  • Listen Everywhere 8 Channel Server (LW-200P-08)
  • Listen Everywhere 12 Channel Server (LW-200P-12)
  • Listen Everywhere 16 Channel Server (LW-200P-16)

All connection ports and indicators on the Listen Everywhere Servers are present in each model with the exception of the RCA input. All models have a power connector, a USB port, and Terminal Block Audio Ports. The number of Terminal Block ports will correspond to the number of channels your server supports (2-16). Each unit contains an ethernet port, which will be connected to the same router that provides wifi access to users. All connection ports are found on the back panel of your device. The front panel has a power button and a number of active channel indicator lights. The number of lights will correspond to the number of audio channels your unit can connect.


LE-200p models


Listen Everywhere App Interface

Listen Everywhere makes it easy to connect with users by simply having them install the free Listen Everywhere app on their smartphone, available at either the Apple or Google Play stores. Once they connect to the wifi (which must be the same router connected to your LE server) and open the app, the app will perform a brief venue scan to find available audio channels. From here, the user experience is customized. How they are greeted at your venue, and what branding and offers they get will be controlled by you. Here are some of the available in-app options:

  • A venue-produced welcome video can be played as users open the app (users will have the option to skip the video if they choose)
  • A branded top banner ad spot
  • A list of audio channels under the main tab with customizable names and image icons
  • Under the Information Tab, PDF documents can be uploaded, such as menus, schedules, and more
  • The + tab can contain special offers, coupons, or important venue notices
  • Audio will continue to stream even when not on the audio tab or even when not on the Listen Everywhere app


While the Listen Everywhere line has been optimized for ease of use, it does require an enterprise-grade router to function optimally. Please read the guides below to review the technical requirements for your server choice and make sure you have a power and bandwidth setup that can support your device.

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Features and Benefits

  • Up to 1000 Users with Any Model
  • Channel Quantity Selection of 2, 4, 8, 12, or 16 Channels
  • Uses Existing Wireless Networks
  • Low Latency
  • Comes With Power Supply
  • Built-In App Integration Technology
  • Customizable App Interface


  • Manufacturer: Listen Technologies
  • Brand: Listen EVERYWHERE
  • Product Numbers: LW-100P-02, LW-200P-04, LW-200P-08, LW-200P-12, LW-200P-16
  • Audio Input: Terminal Blocks (Quantity Varies)
  • Audio Input: (LW-100P-02) Includes RCA Audio
  • Ethernet: RJ-45 Supports 10/100/1000 Mbps Speed; Green LED Flashes at 100 Mbps; Yellow LED Flashes at 1000 Mbps
  • Max Users: 1000
  • Max Channels: 2, 4, 8, 12, 16
  • Bandwidth Use: 140 kbps per User
  • App Support: Yes
  • Warranty: Two-Year

For more info on specific models, please see their User Manuals below.

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