Grip-Lok Foley Catheter Securement Device

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TOP Features:

  • Sterile
  • Latex-Free
  • Gentle Adhesive
  • Versatile
  • Easy to Apply
  • Flexible
  • Fast Delivery
  • Easy Returns
Grouped product items
Item# Description Size Price
3300M Medium, 9 - 24 Fr Tubing Diameter Each
3300M Medium, 9 - 24 Fr Tubing Diameter Box of 100
$3.18 ea
3300MWA Medium w/ Wide Silicone Adhesive Area, Fits 6.0 mm to 13.0 mm Tubing Diameter Each
3300MWA Medium w/ Wide Silicone Adhesive Area, Fits 6.0 mm to 13.0 mm Tubing Diameter Box of 100
$3.45 ea
3300S Small, Fits 1.5 mm to 4.5 mm Tubing Diameter Box of 100
$2.61 ea
Grip-Lok Foley Catheter Securement Device
Medium 3300M Grip-Lok Foley Catheter Securement Device Small 3200S Grip-Lok® Large Foley Securement - 3400LFC


Grip-Lok Overview

Grip-Lok Securement Device is designed to secure and stabilize tubing, lines, and catheters. The Grip-Lok helps avoid accidental line dislodging and keeps the patient's equipment tidy for optimal comfort and ease of access. They are made to encourage free movement and can be worn for up to seven days. The Grip-Lok Securement Device is individually packaged, latex-free, and sterile to help prevent bacterial contamination and allergic reactions. Easily apply these securement devices with the gently adhesive foam tape strips. Pair with Passy Muir's Tracheostomy, Ventilator Swallowing, and Speaking Valves, or other devices that can be used with the Grip-Lok.

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Infection Reduction

These securement devices provide a measurable decrease in catheter-related bloodstream infection (CRBSI) rates. Keeping tubing, lines, and catheters secure and out of the way helps prevent contamination and infection.

Antimicrobial Protection

Using a securement device provides antimicrobial protection by preventing microbial colonization. Keeping catheters and other tubing out of the way is a necessary hygienic practice.

Simple and Easy to Use

They use simple, latex-free foam tape strips that gently adhere the tubing to the patient. The Grip-Lok's are infrequently changed and only take seconds to apply. Save time with sterile, individually wrapped devices.

Features and Benefits

  • Stabilizes and Secures Medical Devices
  • Compatible with Tubing, Lines, and Catheters
  • Sterile, Individually Packaged to Prevent Contamination
  • Gently Adheres with Latex-Free Foam Tape Strips
  • Has Wide Range of Medical Applications
  • Various Sizes and Styles Available
Grip-Lok Features

How it Works

Grip-Lok Foley Catheter Securement Device helps stabilize a wide range of medical tubing, lines, catheters, and other products by adhering them to the patient's skin. These are designed to encourage patient freedom of movement. They can adhere for up to seven days through latex-free foam tape strips. These are made for easy application and removal in order to provide an overall better experience to the caregiver. These are available in multiple sizes in order to best adhere based on the size of the tubing product.


The Grip-Lok Universal Securement Device is available in various sizes. These different sizes specify the tubing diameter with which the product is compatible.

  • Feeding tubes
  • IV lines
  • Bedside monitoring equipment
  • Tubes, lines, catheters
  • Surgical drains

Sizing Options

  • Grip-Lok 3300M - Medium, Fits 3.0 mm to 8.0 mm Tubing Diameter
  • Grip-Lok 3300MWA - Medium w/ Wide Silicone Adhesive Area, Fits 6.0 mm to 13.0 mm Tubing Diameter
  • Grip-Lok 3300S - Small, Fits 1.5 mm to 4.5 mm Tubing Diameter
Grip-Lok Applications

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How long will these stay adhered to the skin?
A: These securements are approved for use on the skin for up to 7 days. If the skin is cleaned and dried before application, these can last up to 7 days.

Q: Are these catheter securement devices individually packaged and sterile?
A: Yes. Grip Lock Catheter Securement Devices are designed for sterile use. These are individually wrapped and made specifically for medical use.

Q: Can this secure medical devices aside from catheters?
A: Yes. These are general purpose securement devices that can be used on feeding tubes, IV lines, bedside monitoring equipment, and a wide range of other devices.

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Baxter
  • Brand: Grip-Lok
  • Product Numbers: 3300M, 3300MWA, 3300S
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Medium w/ Wide Adhesive
  • Application: Securement Device
  • Sterile: Yes
  • Latex-Free: Yes
  • Securement: Foam Tape
  • Quantity: 1 Each, Box of 100
Manuals and Documents
  • pdf logo   Product Brochure
  • pdf logo   Clinical Evidence Summary

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