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James Erickson

IT/Data Manager

James Erickson is Vitality Medical’s IT and Data Manager, with more than 12 years of management and operations experience. He oversees the IT / Data team.

Since starting with Vitality Medical in 2013 James has been instrumental in expanding our product catalog, improving data accuracy, adding system efficiency, and helping scale the IT/data team while the company has grown 500% during his employment. James has assisted and actively developed many web applications that have provided Vitality’s agents with needed tools to help serve our customers better.

James previously worked for several large retail companies for over 11 years where he managed customer service and operations. He expanded his role by understanding the technical aspects of each store and streamlining data visibility. During this time, his stores held exceptional operations metrics at the regional level that inspired others to adopt his strategies. Jame’s contributions increased store success by launching several software solutions and report builders that were adopted by executive leadership and implemented company-wide.

James enjoys playing drums, composing orchestral music, spending time with his family and animating/analyzing cartoons.