PolyMem Wound Dressing | QuadraFoam - Wound Treatment - Silver Dressing – Foam Dressing

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PolyMem Wound Dressing | QuadraFoam - Wound Treatment - Silver Dressing – Foam Dressing


PolyMem is manufactured by Ferris, an innovative medical supply company focused on wound care and pain treatment. PolyMem is a dressing containing a mild, non-toxic, non-ionic, tissue friendly cleaning agent that is activated by moisture and gradually released into the wound area. PolyMem is available as a QuadraFoam Dressing, PolyMem Cloth Adhesive Dressing, PolyMem Cloth Non-Adhesive Dressing, PolyMem Silver Dressing, and PolyMem Shape Dressing. These wound dressings have been found by hospitals and homecare providers to be exceptional for reducing costs, reducing wound maintenance, promoting healing, and protecting against infection.

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Featured PolyMem Products

PolyMem Wound Dressings


PolyMem Wound Dressings is an innovative multifunctional wound care dressing that employs wound cleansing, fill, absorption, and a moist environment to promote healing. Learn More
PolyMem Silver


PolyMem Silver dressings effectively cleanse, fill, absorb, and moisten wounds throughout the healing process, with small particles of silver. Learn More
PolyMem Shapes Dressings


PolyMem Shapes Dressings are pre-cut dressings made of multi-function QuadraFoam material that forms or contours to the needs of the wound. Learn More
PolyMem WIC


PolyMem WIC is formulated especially for cavity wounds exhibiting copious amounts of exudate. PolyWic will expand within the wound cavity to fill dead space, keeping the wound bed clean and moist. Learn More