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Full Electric Hospital Beds

What Is a Full Electric Bed?

A full electric hospital bed features electric motor controls that raise the head, foot and height of the bed frame with a push of a button. This type of bed is ideal for anyone who needs a hospital style bed for use at home, hospital or nursing home. A full electric hospital bed is equipped with back and foot adjustment to allow for a complete anatomically correct sleep surface, and utilizes a motor to move up and down.

Full Electric Beds allow patients to dial in their desired bed height themselves, without the aid of a caretaker, making transfers to and from a bed easier and hassle-free. Additionally, some full electric hospital beds can support up to 600 pounds.

How to Choose a Full Electric Hospital Bed

There are several different manufacturers that offer a wide variety of full electric hospital beds. Some of our most popular manufacturers include:
  • Drive Medical: Drive Medical is one of the fastest growing global distributors of long-lasting medical equipment. Drive Medical carries a wide variety of different full electric hospital beds, including heavy-duty full electric beds and full electric low hospital beds.
  • Invacare: Invacare is a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of innovative home and long-term care medical products. Invacare full electric hospital beds are adjustable beds that offer recovering patients to control the bed position while controlling more of the environment around them even though they may be confined to a hospital bed. Invacare offers both heavy duty and regular full electric beds.
  • Graham-Field: Graham-Field is one of the world's leading manufacturer's of medical products, and a major manufacturer of full electric hospital beds. Graham-Field carries a diverse selection of full electric beds, including heavy-duty and bariatric beds.

Is a Full Electric Hospital Bed Right for You?

There are several different factors that can help you choose a hospital bed. Some factors to help you determine if a full electric hospital bed is right for you include:
  • Mobility: If you have severely limited mobility, then a full electric hospital bed might be the right choice for you. Full electric beds only require the push of a button to raise up and down, which is ideal for people with severely limited mobility.
  • Caretaker Help: If you don't have a caretaker or someone who can raise and lower a hospital bed for you, then a full electric bed will be essential for you.
  • Comfort: If you prefer a bed that is hassle free and easy to use, then a full electric bed will certainly be a great choice for you. These types of beds eliminate the physical labor involved with other hospital beds, such as semi-electric or manual beds.

The advantages and disadvantages offered by full electric hospital beds and other hospital beds can be viewed at Hospital Bed Comparisons.

Best Selling

Invacare 5410IVC Full Electric Hospital Bed Bundle

  • 36 x 80 Sleep Surface
  • Made in USA


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Full Electric Hospital Bed Featured Patient Applications

  • Full Electric Hospital Beds are Convenient and Comfortable
  • Easier Positioning for Increased Circulation
  • Electric Height Adjustment Increases Patient Mobility in and out of Bed

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