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Full Electric Hospital Beds

Full Electric Hospital Beds feature electric motor controls that raise the head, foot and height of the bed frame with a push of a button. Vitality Medical carries a full line of Full Electric Hospital Bed Brands from well known manufacturers Invacare, Drive Medical and Graham Field. While semi-electric hospital beds also allow quick, convenient patient position; however, full-electric hospital beds additionally allow height adjustment. This makes it much more convenient for patient transfers and to help patients remain independent. Many find it much easier to stand up on their own or with assistance with a low bed. With a full-electric bed, you can have it both ways.

Best Features

Invacare Heavy-Duty Full Electric Hospital Bed Package

  • 42" wide
  • 650 lbs. capacity


Best Selling

Invacare Full Electric Hospital Bed 5410IVC - Bundle

  • 36 x 80 Sleep Surface
  • Made in USA


Budget Friendly

Graham-Field Patriot Full-Electric Homecare Bed

  • Low Bed Capable
  • Durable


Set Ascending Direction

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Set Ascending Direction

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Full Electric Hospital Bed Featured Patient Applications

  • Full Electric Hospital Beds are Convenient and Comfortable
  • Easier Positioning for Increased Circulation
  • Electric Height Adjustment Increases Patient Mobility in and out of Bed

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