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Semi Electric Hospital Beds

Semi-Electric Hospital Beds are similar to full-electric hospital beds in that each use motors to raise the head and foot sections of the bed. The difference is that a full-electric hospital bed can raise or lower the height of the bed parallel to the floor automatically whereas a semi-electric hospital bed uses a hand crank to raise and lower the bed deck.

Vitality Medical's hospital beds are from great companies like Drive Medical, Graham-Field and Invacare. Choose between a complete semi-electric hospital bed package with mattress or electric hospital bed frames.

Best Features

Semi Electric Hospital Bed Ultra Light 1000

  • Lightweight
  • Single Motor & Junction Box


Best Selling

Semi Electric Hospital Bed 5310IVC - Bundle

  • 36 x 80 Sleep Surface
  • Made in USA


Budget Friendly

Value Care Duo Semi Electric Hospital Bed

  • Lightweight
  • Scratch resistant ends


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Semi Electric Hospital Bed Featured Patient Indications

  • Manually Adjusted Height to Make it Easier to Get in and out of Bed
  • Automatically Adjustable Head and Leg Positions for Comfort and Increased Circulation during Recovery
  • Comfortable, Safe and Customizable Hospital Beds
  • Cost-Effective Pricing

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