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  1. Semi Electric Hospital Bed 5310
    Semi Electric Hospital Bed 5310 Review.
    I love that this bed is very flexible. I mean I can actually change its position with or without electricity. The rail is very easy to remove, move and attach.
    (Review by Gavin)
  2. Semi Electric Hospital Bed 5310
    Moving with a Semi Electric Bed Review.
    Now that I have this wonderful new bed it is easier when I want to sit up for a long period of time. Eating is much easier now and so
    (Review by Emma Chen)
  3. Graham-Field Patriot Semi-Electric Bed
    easy to assemble.
    We are very happy with this bed. It appears well-made, is comfortable and only took a few hours to assemble with ordinary tools.
    (Review by Peggy)
  4. Semi Electric Hospital Bed Ultra Light 1000
    Semi Electric Hospital Bed Ultra Light Plus by Drive Review.
    This bed is really beneficial for my patients as they sleep well on this bed. Also, they do not get distracted as changing the tools of the bed does not
    (Review by Anna)

Semi Electric Hospital Beds & More!

Semi Electric Hospital Beds


Semi-Electric Hospital Beds are similar to full-electric hospital beds in that each use motors to raise the head and foot sections of the bed. The difference is that a full-electric hospital bed can raise or lower the height of the bed parallel to the floor automatically whereas a semi-electric hospital bed uses a hand crank to raise and lower the bed deck.

Vitality Medical's hospital beds are from great companies like Drive Medical, Graham-Field and Invacare. Choose between a complete semi-electric hospital bed package with mattress or electric hospital bed frames.

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Semi Electric Hospital Bed Featured Patient Indications

  • Manually Adjusted Height to Make it Easier to Get in and out of Bed
  • Automatically Adjustable Head and Leg Positions for Comfort and Increased Circulation during Recovery
  • Comfortable, Safe and Customizable Hospital Beds
  • Cost-Effective Pricing