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Hospital bed pads are used to protect mattresses from urinary incontinence and other liquid accidents. Depending on your unique and individual needs, we offer reusable bed pads and disposable bed pads.

Washable bed pads, generally, are made in a multilayer construction that allows heavy absorbency. In addition to being highly absorbent, reusable bed pads are machine washable, which can save you money long term. However, if you are looking for a temporary or hassle-free solution to urinary incontinence, you should check-out disposable bed pads.

A disposable mattress pad, also known as chux, perfectly complements specialty beds to provide maximum air circulation. In addition to being highly breathable, chux are incredibly easy to dispose of once a patient or resident has soiled it. Whether you need a disposable mattress pad or reusable bed pads, we have the best products available for urinary incontinence.

To find the best products for your specific needs, peruse our wide selection of hospital bed pad today!

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