Adult Diapers & Nappies

Adult diapers, frequently referred to as adult nappies, are ideal for bedridden or frequently immobile patients with moderate to heavy urinary incontinence, as you can quickly apply or remove them from patients. The best disposable diapers feature adjustable tabs to offer patients a proper and custom fit. By angling the tabs, you can cinch the brief around the thighs and waist of wearers, preventing leakage.

Adult Briefs (Tab Style) - These are the most commonly sought after due easy use. In most cases, these are extremely easy to put on and take off: simply attach using tape or hook and loop tabs. Personal options such as wicking and absorption can be chosen afterward. These are classified from the least to the most absorbency, so you can find exactly what you need.

Overnight Diapers (Tab Style) - Designed for nighttime use, this underwear is designed to have the highest absorbency ratings possible. These items are typically rated from three to four, meaning they can comfortably hold a full discharge of liquid without disturbing the patient during sleep. The easy-to-put-on style allows for changing without the removal of clothing in most cases. Back sheet options are either plastic or cloth. Plastic prevents liquid from getting to the mattress while cloth-like is a choice made for comfort.

Protective Disposable Underwear (Pull-on Style) - These products come in two styles: disposable and reusable. Though considered a pull-on, the sides can tear away in order to remove more easily. These products are typically for people with moderate incontinence and can serve as a go-between for a pad or brief. Reusables can often be lined with a pad or shield and act similar to regular underwear.

Belted Undergarment - These products come with an adjustable strap and are either a hook-and-loop or button closure, depending on the garment. The enclosure material is mostly made of elastic; however, could be made of other cloths as well. Most products are made with cotton but those who see a lot of leaking in their underwear may want to choose one that has some polymer material.

Washable Absorbent Underwear - This product is for customers who still have incontinence issues, but want something that looks and feels like full-cloth underwear. Mostly made of cotton for a full "underwear" feel, these can also be mixed with other materials to allow for slightly more protection than the strictly cloth-like underwear. For men, both brief and boxer styles are available. Women's underwear is designed to look like regular panties too.

Diaper Covers - This type of product is best for people looking for a little extra protection for their diaper. Getting the right cover can depend on one of two factors: the style of the protective pant and the material. While style depends on how the product is intended to be used, the material that it is made of is the most important factor for discretion. Ones made of vinyl are quieter than their counterparts, which are made of water-proof material but can be noisier depending on the activity of the wearer.

Swim Diapers - Those who love to swim will prefer this style over anything else because they provide the most protection against wetness, both on the outside and inside. These swimwear-styled briefs come in both reusable and disposable form. The reusables are best for a better fit. They come with refastenable tabs for the best, most comfortable fit possible. Disposables are available for both children and adults and are strictly a pull-on style of underwear.

How to Choose the Best Adult Nappy or Diaper

Choosing an adult diaper is as easy as determining what level of absorbency you need, the type of backsheet material you prefer, and the correct diaper size. Before selecting an incontinence product, you should determine whether an adult diaper or disposable underwear is the appropriate choice for you.

A wetness indicator a feature commonly shared by most diaper brands. In fact, once an adult diaper has been soiled, caregivers can easily ascertain when it is time to change a diaper. However, not everyone needs this kind of protection. If you an active adults who needs incontinence protection, protective underwear might be the better choice for your needs.

Features to Consider When Purchasing an Adult Diaper or Nappy

  • Absorption: Adult diapers are designed for a heavier flow than protective underwear are. It is considered the next step up in protection from reusable underwear, and many adult diaper brands can be used for complete fecal incontinence too. You can not, however, use protective underwear for fecal incontinence. Some adult diapers are more absorbent than others and they are rated on a scale of light, moderate, heavy and super. Briefs designed for night use are typically more absorbent than those designed for during the day.
  • Wicking: is the act of drawing moisture away from the skin and trapping it deep within the absorbent core. Some brands feature enhanced wicking, which means that this action happens much faster, protecting skin integrity. A few brands with enhanced wicking are Wings Choice and Prevail Breezers.
  • Backsheet Material: is the material that lines the outside of the brief. There are a few different styles to choose from. A plastic backed adult diaper is designed to prevent fluid strike-through and is more common in an overnight brief. Plastic backed briefs can be less breathable than cloth-like, so you may see them with breathable sides. Cloth-like disposable briefs are designed to look and feel more like regular underwear. Cloth-like backing is typically more comfortable but can be less effective at preventing fluid strike-through when the diaper is overfilled than plastic back briefs. Some briefs also have wetness indicators on the backsheets for caregivers.
  • Size: is an important factor because if the brief is too large or too small it will not work effectively. If the brief is the correct size, you should be able to fit a palm between the two tabs in the front. If small briefs are too large, try our youth briefs. If the x-large is too small, try our bariatric briefs.

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