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Belted Undergarments Diapers

How to Choose the Right Belted Diaper

Belted undergarments are a comfortable and discreet choice for incontinence control. Choosing a belted pad is easy: Simply choose the style, the absorption level and the type of belt.

Styles of Belted Diapers: Belted undergarments have refastenable straps that use either buttons or hook and loop closures. When choosing a belted pad, make sure that you choose an undergarment with adjustable or elastic straps, which will ensure a comfortable fit all day long. If you're concerned about the noise that a belted pad might make, choose an undergarment that is constructed with a rustle-free, cloth-like outer layer. If you have a high level of daily leakage, choose a belted pad with a multi-layered core or with super-absorbent polymers. While many belted pads are available in a one-size-fits-all, many belted pads are available to purchase in smaller sizes or bariatric sizes as needed. It is important that you choose a belted pad that accurately fits your waist size. Choosing the correct waist size will help protect against unwanted leaks, rustling noises and uncomfortable bunching.

Absorption: The absorption capability of a belted pad is contingent upon the amount and concentration of water-absorbing polymer contained inside the underpad. The higher the level and concentration of polymer, the more absorption capacity the undergarment will have. Although it might seem as though larger undergarments contain more absorbing polymer, the amount of water the undergarment can absorb is based on its polymer absorption capability and not just the undergarment's size.

When deciding which belted pad to choose, take into consideration a couple of factors. The absorption volume and flow rate of fluid landing on the pad are both things that will affect how well your belted pad works for you. If you experience full or complete bladder loss, then a Super Absorbency pad might be the ideal choice for you, whereas if you are diapered and/or changed regularly, a Moderate Absorbency pad will probably be the right choice for you. If you're currently using a Moderate Absorbency pad and have found that it does not have a high enough absorbency for you, consider switching to a Super Absorbency pad. Don't double up your Moderate Absorbency pad; this will only cause excess bulkiness and an uncomfortable user experience.

Belt Style: Belted undergarments act as a bridge between incontinence pads and adult diapers. Although the structure can vary by manufacturer, most belted pads consist of a soft, elastic band that sits on the user's hips and a disposable absorbent pad that attaches in both the front and the back. These types of undergarments offer a higher level of protection than incontinence pads but are not quite as bulky as adult diapers. Additionally, these incontinence products for men and women are equipped with side-gripping straps that are easily adjustable while providing additional support.

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