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  1. In-Motion Pro Crutch
    In-Motion Pro Crutch – A Review.
    My doctor suggested me to buy this new crutch, because walking was difficult with my foot. It is convenient to fold and makes my life much easier. Moreover, it is
    (Review by Patrick)
  2. iWalkFree Crutch
    Hands Free Crutch - Weight Capacity 300 lbs. Review.
    I love this "crutch". It's not just the regular crutch because it really works like a normal leg. Although I practiced for a whole day to get used to it,
    (Review by William)
  3. iWalk 2.0 Hands Free Crutch
    Great product.
    I just got mine today and it paid off immediately. I have a shattered calcaneus and cannot put any weight on my right foot. With this iwalk I can now
    (Review by Bennett)
  4. iWalkFree Crutch
    Good Product.
    This is worth while having if you plan on doing any kind of activity. I was stuck on the couch with a broken leg. It only took me 3 weeks
    (Review by moving on)

Crutch | Arm Crutches - Walking Crutches - Knee Crutches - Knee Crutch - Canadian Crutch & More!



Crutches are used to help mobility patients recover from surgery or injury. There are several different types of crutches, including Arm Crutches, Walking Crutches, Knee Crutches, Leg Crutches, Forearm Crutches and Canadian Crutches. An Arm Crutch or Walking Crutch is a crutch that extends from the floor surface to the arm pit of the person injured. Usually arm crutches are used in pairs and provide good stability while traversing forward. A Knee Crutch comes in two types, a wheeled device that provides a padded area to rest the knee of the individual and a Hands Free Crutch that is strapped to the leg. Knee Crutches are used most often when someone has an injury to a foot or lower leg. Sometimes referred to as a Leg Crutch, a Knee Crutch offers considerable stability and the ability to steer the desired path. Canadian Crutches or Forearm Crutches have a cuff brace placed around the arm of the individual and a hand grip. Many people prefer the Forearm Crutch over the Arm Crutch or Walking Crutch because of its easy handling and smaller size. Using a crutch regularly helps the recovering patient exercise muscles and provide rehabilitation. Market leading crutches include Drive Medical Crutches, Invacare Crutches, Millennial Medical Crutches and iWalkFree Hands Free Crutch. carries a great selection of crutches you can purchase online for home delivery. Order some new crutches today and start moving!

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