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Crutch Pads & Cushions | Armpit & Hand Grips

Quality replacement Crutch Pads, also referred to as Crutch Cushions or Crutch Pillows, are essential for maintaining hand and armpit comfort with extended use of wooden or aluminum walking crutches. Worn-out crutch pads are not only uncomfortable, but they can lead to chafing, rashes, blisters, and calluses. Replacing torn or hardened foam pads are also essential to keeping a safe, slip-resistant surface.

Vitality Medical carries a wide variety of universal replacement crutch armpit pads and crutch handle pads to prolong the life of the walking crutch and ensure comfort during the recovery process. Purchase Crutch Pillows to ease pressure from the armpits. The pillows apply directly over the crutch cushions. A benefit to the pillows is that their moisture-wicking material controls sweat to keep the skin dry. The pillows are machine washable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

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Crutch Padding Options for Walking Arm Crutches

Foam Pads

This is the most common crutch padding material due to its affordable cushioning properties. A drawback to foam is it can harden over time, but it is cheap and easy to replace. The foam material is skin-friendly and latex-free.



This soft glycerin gel material is an alternative replacement pad material that is both comfortable and wears well with intense use. Gel pads are more expensive than foam pads, but they won't disintegrate or create hard spots over time.


Gel Crutch Mate

How to Replace Crutch Pads

  1. Remove the handle by unbolting both sides.
  2. Remove the foam pad by pulling it down off of the handlebar or pierce a hole to tear it off.
  3. Slide the new one onto the bar and twist it into position.
  4. The armpit pad is easier to replace since there are no anchoring bolts. The molded inserts hold it into place. Lift one side at a time.
  5. Place the new pad over the top and stretch the opposing side over the top until it molds into place.

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