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  1. Encore Tension Bands
    Tension Bands Review.
    I bought this tension band just to try with my erection pump. I chose it due to its price not exactly knowing whether it will work great. However, I was
    (Review by Agustin)
  2. EZ Ring Tension Bands
    Removal rings break too easily. Need to beef up..
    The Erec Aid bands worked good until I got into the action. I would begin to lose my erection even with the very tight uncomfortable Erec Aid bands. The Erec
    (Review by RB)
  3. EZ Ring Tension Bands
    cant do without it.
    ordered 2 packs of 2 =4 only got 3 !!!! tried customer support regards to order but no contact ... order no. 100171095 need to get what is owed to
    (Review by 808)
  4. Encore Tension Bands
    As the male ages, he will definitely experience occasions of erectile dysfunction. .
    At first he may be able to achieve a firm erection, but, may not be able to maintain it. The tension bands allow the blood to stay in the penis
    (Review by Tension Band Review)

Tension Bands | Erection Rings - Penis Rings - ErecAid - Impo Aid Ring Kits by Osbon - Pos T Vac - Encore - Replacement & More!

Tension Bands/Penis Rings


Tension bands are an integral part of vacuum erection device solutions. Our tension bands (sometimes called 'penis rings') come from quality manufacturers of impotence and erectile dysfunction treatment products such as Timm Osbon and Postvac. Each of the tension bands are available in different sizes and tensions to accommodate various degrees of erectile dysfunction. Penis rings are designed to maintain an erection that you already have.

If you have trouble achieving an erection in the first place, consider purchasing an Erection Pump and Lubricant. Tension Bands come from the same trusted manufacturers who make erections pumps - Osbon, Pos T Vac and Encore. These tension bands come in a variety of sizes and strengths, so you'll be able to find the right fit for you or your loved one. For additional information, take a look at our article What size penis tension band should I get?

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