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Product Highlights

  • Enhanced constriction provides increased turgidity
  • Available in multiple sizes for secure, comfortable fit
  • 100% latex free
  • FDA Approved
  • Fast Delivery
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MACH5 Size 5 - X-SMALL, Inside Diameter 0.30 Inch - Ships Free! Each
List Price: $25.44 Price:
You Save: $2.31 (10%)
MACH6 Size 6 - SMALL, Inside Diameter 0.33 Inch - Ships Free! Each
List Price: $24.38 Price:
You Save: $2.22 (10%)
MACH7 Size 7 - MEDIUM, Inside Diameter 0.44 Inch - Ships Free! Each
List Price: $25.07 Price:
You Save: $2.28 (10%)
MACH8 Size 8 - LARGE, Inside Diameter 0.55 Inch - Ships Free! Each
List Price: $25.07 Price:
You Save: $2.28 (10%)
Mach 1 Tension Penis Rings
Mach 1 Tension Penis Rings


Mach 1 Tension Penis Ringsis the top Tension Band brand manufactured by Pos-T-Vac. The Mach 1 Tension Bands displaces more tissue and provides better tension. Mach 1 Tension Rings constrict better than most Penis Rings to maintain a better erection. Mach 1 Penis Rings are used to treat Male Impotence resulting from Erectile Dysfunction. Made from thermal plastic elastomer, Mach 1 Rings have a round center with a flat surface allowing the ring to grip more of the penis than other standard penis rings.

Pos-T-Vac is an innovator in managing Erectile Dysfunction. The Post T Vac Rings allow men to maintain an erection for up to 30 minutes by placing the ring at the base of the penis. Pos-T-Vac products are made in the USA and the Pos-T-Vac Mach 1 Rings come with a 60-day manufacturer's warranty.

Erectile dysfunction and pre-mature ejaculation is something nearly one in five men experience sometime in their lives. Whether the result is from a medical condition or not, impotence and pre-mature ejaculation can be hard for any couple to handle. With Pos-T-Vac there is really no reason why you cannot enjoy a fulfilling sex life. It is also a safe alternative to drugs, surgery, injections and other methods available. Best of all, the Pos-T-Vac Ultimate Hex Rings are FDA approved.

The interior ring diameter is not necessarily the best indicator of the size that will best be suited for you. Each ring has a different stretch or give. Two men of the same exact size or girth, when fully erect, may actually need to use different sizes. The reason for this is that every individual needs a different level of pressure to effectively maintain an erection. Our suggestion is to try out a few sizes if you are unsure of which Pos-T-Vac Ultimate II Hex Ring size would work best for you. Another popular option is the Pos-T-Vac Ring Kit which includes various sizes and other accessories that are very useful when using a tension band.

Pos-T-Vac Mach 1 Penis Rings Features & Benefits

  • Round design with handle loops.
  • Made in the USA.
  • FDA Approved.
  • Constricts and grips better than most penis rings.
  • Pos-T-Vac Rings help erections last up to 30 minutes.
  • 60 day manufacturer's warranty.

Pos-T-Vac Mach 1 Penis Tension Rings Specifications

  • Size Options: X-Small 0.30 to X-Large 0.55.
  • Round design with handle loop on each side.
  • Construction: Silicone & Gel.
  • Latex Free.
  • HCPCS code: E1399.
  • Pos-T-Vac Mach 1 Penis Tension Rings Product Numbers: MACH5, MACH6, MACH7, MACH8.

How to Select the Right Penis Ring Size

Determining the best size penis ring for your individual needs is largely by trail and error. The best size for most men is not just a matter of the size of the ring opening, but also involves the level of tension. If is the combination of size and tension that provides the "perfect" fit. When you first purchase an ED pump kit, most kits have several tension band sizes already included to help you determine which size is the best fit. Another option is to purchase the Pos-T-Vac Tension Band Set that has several sized tension bands to select from and try. If you have forgotten which size is the best fit, or if you are switching from one brand to another, recommend trying the medium size first (Size 7). If that size is too large select the next smaller size and continue the process until you determine the most effective and comfortable fit.

Postvac Penis Ring Comparison & Sizing Chart

The chart below displays various tension band options with the ring size, amount of tension, ring diameter, and the amount of displacement or thickness. The smaller ring sizes have the most tension and the larger size rings have the least tension. The rings to the left of the chart have the least amount of displacement while the rings to the right have the most displacement. The amount of tension and the amount of displacement play important roles in the effectiveness and the level of comfort the penis ring provides the user. Some men will need to experiment with several different sizes, tension levels and amount of displacement to find the right tension band that fits their personal needs.

The amount of displacement affects the level of comfort, effectiveness and the manufacturing costs of the ring. Therefore, the more displacement, the higher the cost of the tension ring and the more comfortable and effective the ring is likely to be. Men who are just beginning to experience problems in maintaining an erection may want to select a tension band from the left side of the chart, while men who have experienced years of erectile dysfunction may want to try a tension ring from the right side of the chart.

If a penis ring is found to be ineffective, you may want to select a smaller size penis ring that has more tension. If a penis ring is found to be uncomfortable but still effective, you may want to try a larger size or another ring from the right side of the chart that offers more displacement. Trail and error is the best way to find the penis ring that is right for you.

Sizes Ultimate II
Round Rings
Ultimate II
Hex Rings
Ultimate II
Gel Rings
Mach 1
Tension Rings
Tension Low
Highest X-Small Size X, 0.32 Inch N/A Size 0, 0.32 Inch Size 5, 0.30 Inch
High Small Size 1, 0.34 Inch Size 1, 0.35 Inch Size 1, 0.42 Inch Size 6, 0.33 Inch
Medium Medium Size 2, 0.44 Inch Size 2, 0.45 Inch Size 2, 0.47 Inch Size 7, 0.44 Inch
Low Large Size 3, 0.56 Inch Size 3, 0.55 Inch Size 3, 0.52 Inch Size 8, 0.55 Inch
Lowest X-Large Size 4, 0.65 Inch N/A N/A N/A
Economy - Best

For more information about selecting the right penis ring tension band, click on the following informative article: What Size Penis Tension Band Should I Get?

Tension rings are personal items and for health reasons may not be returned or refunded.

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