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Reviews - ThermaZone Continuous Thermal Therapy Device

By ThermaZone
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2 Review(s)
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Customer Reviews 2 item(s)

2 Item(s)

cold therapy to treat 'symptomatic dermographism' urticaria
Unit arrived extremely well-packaged and quickly. ThermaZone Customer Care representative was very knowledgeable about product and helped me troubleshoot when pump at first did not work (the pump action is delicate and one part sometimes gets 'stuck' and needs you to gently press on the rubber cover over the water reservoir a few times to get it 'unstuck'). A second representative was equally knowledgeable and helpful and answered my question as to whether a battery pack was available ('no') and shared that that is on their wish list (apparently sports trainers would like that, too)! Unit's fan is a little noisy (note: my Chilipad mattress pad unit's fan is quieter) but, if another regular fan is running in the room,it is less noticeable. I use the injection pad (used by Botox doctors to chill a small area of skin before treatment) at night in mild to hot weather when I'm trying to fall asleep to keep my skin cool, to prevent urticaria (i.e., painful itching) from dermographism. I turn it off when I get sleepy. It has really helped. I plan to use it in my car this summer, too, but with the universal pad. The unit moves easily around - just be aware that if tilted some of the water may spill out, and similarly, if the pad is disengaged for any reason more distilled water may need to be added to the pump's water reservoir (there is an indicator window that show an acceptable water level range). Thus, you need to have distilled water on hand in each location that you use it, which is not a problem for me (easier than lugging a cooler of ice or ice packs!). Note: I also have several ice-and-water cold therapy devices and I'd have to say they do feel somewhat colder than the Thermazone, but the ThermaZone is sufficiently cold and much more convenient and space-saving. The ThermaZone also has a timer with different options. The ThermaZone company apparently has a similar product called Sootheaway that is the same product without the timer function. [I had asked the rep about this because I wanted to know if the pads for Sootheaway may be used for ThermaZone and vice versa, and the rep had answered,'Yes.']. I hope down the road they will develop a remote control for their cold therapy products as well.
Product Rating
Review by Jenny / (Posted on 5/8/2013)
How much I like this product
I would give this product 5 stars, it has helped lessen the pain in my left shoulder, as it has one tendon holding it on. Having the hot and cold therapy in one unit is great.
Product Rating
Review by KB / (Posted on 4/19/2013)

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