Protective Films — Body Powder, Barrier Film, Incontinence Skin Protection

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  1. 3M Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film
    No more thread!!!.
    I fell off my bike and the doc put me this film. The fact that I am injured is nothing nice though, it was so awesome. After seeing the doc
    (Review by Eyre)
  2. Remedy Antifungal Powder
    Gets rid my my fungus itching.
    Remedy antifungal powder relieves my itching, irritated skin. It also helps to keep the fungus from coming back.
    (Review by Webster R)
  3. 3M Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film
    Wonderful barrier for adhesive sensitivity.
    I was getting rashes and tape burns even with some of the gentle tape and after my barrier film arrived, it gave me relief! The tape sticks to me even
    (Review by spidey)
  4. 3M Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film
    Bye bye pain.
    I have burn on my left leg that always needs to be cleaned. I can't really wash it every time because of the pain so I searched for other solutions.
    (Review by Leila Mead)

Protective Films — Body Powder, Barrier Film, Incontinence Skin Protection & More!

Protective Films & Powders


Protective film and powders are popular skin products often used as a preventative measure to protect the skin's integrity. Protective films and powders, when applied to the skin, will provide a barrier to protect the epidermis from moisture and friction. Skin irritation among patients is often the result of moisture due to incontinence. Because of the skin's exposure to urine or feces, it will quickly react and become irritated.

Incontinence moisture, and the combination of skin rubbing together, can often cause severe rashes, sores and the potential for infection. Vitality Medical offers a number of Protective Films and powders to help prevent such skin problems, both for individual use and within professional health care settings.

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Common Uses for Protective Films and Powders:

  • Placing Powder in Skin Folds to Reduce Friction
  • To Powder Skin and Absorb Moisture
  • Applying a Barrier Spray to Create a Layer on the Skin that Keeps Moisture and Friction from Creating Irritation
  • Apply Spray or Powder to Protect the Perineum Area from Urine and Feces
  • Use Spray to Protect Skin from Stripping Due to Dressing Tape or Adhesive Material Being Removed