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  1. Curity Gauze Sponge Pads Nonwoven by Kendall
    Great skin protection.
    I highly recommend these soft easy to use patches for skin protection. I sit in a power chair all day and it protects a sensative spot on my back side.
    (Review by Boxcar)
  2. EXCILON Dressing Sponges
    The dressing that has healing power..
    This dressing is specially made for draining wounds. It keeps the wound covered while also making sure that ample air will get through it for maximum healing effect. It worked
    (Review by Lauren)
  3. Sorb-It Drain And IV Sponge Pads
    Sorb-It Drain And IV Sponges Review.
    I had my skin ripped off and there was constant fluid coming out. At first I just used normal toilet paper but it was too sticky and unhygienic. This sponge
    (Review by Kelly)
  4. Curity Gauze Sponge
    great product.
    great product and I could not believe how fast it arrived after ordering!
    (Review by maryl)

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