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CPAP Humidifiers | CPAP Heated Humidifiers

CPAP Humidifier, manufactured by trusted sleep therapy companies, allows for a more comfortable and desirable sleep apnea treatment. Many individuals may experience "dry mouth" when they wake up after a night of using CPAP, especially in drier climates. CPAP Humidifiers deliver moisture to your airway, significantly reducing the chance of receiving dry mouth.

Depending upon your wants and needs, you can select a CPAP Heated Humidifier that will provide your airway with heated moisture. Classic CPAP Humidifier Chambers will dispense cool moisture to your airway.

CPAP Machine Humidifiers are specifically compatible to their CPAP counterparts. More specifically, each CPAP Humidifier is only compatible with one CPAP machine, and it is generally brand and model specific. So a Fisher & Paykel CPAP Machine complements a Fisher & Paykel Humidifier, and a Respironics CPAP Machine works in conjunction with a Respironics CPAP Humidifier.

Using a CPAP Humidifier is incredibly easy, too. Simply detach the humidifier from your CPAP Machine, fill the chamber with distilled water, and reattach the humidifier to your machine. Then, whenever you go to sleep and start to use your CPAP machine, you will experience refreshing sleep.

Take control of your sleep therapy today and order your CPAP Humidifier to greatly enhance your sleep apnea treatment.

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