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  1. Dry Pro Arm Cast Protector
    saved our vacation!.
    My six year old broke his arm a week before we were due to leave on a lake vacation with all his cousins. It was 105 degrees there every day
    (Review by happy mom)
  2. Dry Pro Arm Cast Protector
    Made my little girl happy that she could go swimming now that it is summer..
    Made my little girl happy that she could go swimming now that it is summer.
    (Review by Emily)
  3. Dry Pro Arm Cast Protector
    Worry free even with cast..
    I got a fracture on my right hand when I fell while playing basketball. I was immediately rushed to the hospital and the doctor put the cast on. Before going
    (Review by Tommy)
  4. Dry Pro Leg Cast Protector
    Worked well.
    Had foot surgery and was not able to get my foot wet. The Cast Protector worked great keeping my foot dry while I showered. Only problem was that it became
    (Review by BoBo)

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Cast Supplies

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    Cast supplies by Vitality Medical consists of useful supplies for casting, caring for your cast and protecting your cast. Choose from our selection of casting supplies such as cast tape, cast padding and plaster. Choose cast tape when you need a porous cast that activates quickly. Cast tape comes in unique color and pattern options. A fun pattern cast can make a difficult situation, such as a broken arm, more manageable for children. Choose Plaster of Paris for your cast supplies when you need a rigid cast or half cast splint.

    Undercast padding comes in cotton padding, synthetic padding and more. Choose the cast supplies that are compatible with each-other. Some cast padding is recommended for use with specific cast tapes or plaster. Waterproof cast supplies are cast protectors that are ideal for use when showering or even swimming. Peruse our selection and choose the waterproof cast supplies that are suitable for your unique situation.

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