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  1. Graham Field Full Electric Bariatric Bed
    Graham Field Full Electric Bariatric Bed Review.
    My husband is on bed rest for some time. I bought this full electric bed for him so that I can easily take care of him and he does not
    (Review by Tanya)
  2. Lumbar Back Support Cushion
    Good quality.
    Soft memory foam. Great price.
    (Review by kl)
  3. Invacare Extra Reusable Bedpads
    This is much better than those flimsy plastic things. This product does the job, it's washable and will dry in 1 cycle of the clothes dryer. PLUS, it's strong enough
    (Review by rocketgranny)
  4. Hermell Foam Bed Wedge with Cover
    Love It!.
    Using this to elevate my feet at night in bed. Works great. If I want it firmer, I use as is, if softer, lean a pillow over the angled part.
    (Review by HealthyFeet )

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