Cane Accessories — Cane Tips, Cane Holder, Rubber Dane Tips, Replacement Tips

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  1. Invacare Cane Tips
    Invacare Cane Tips work.
    They worked as expected. Fast shipping
    (Review by Invacare Cane Tips work)
  2. Able Tripod Cane Base
    Great Engineering.
    A wonderful idea, which has helped my wife considerably from the old "long cane" concept. It's got tight feet, and does the job of more extravagant cane alternatives. Will be
    (Review by JDill)
  3. Commode, Walker, Crutch and Cane Tips
    Walker Tips.
    Nice and sturdy, fits well, and feel like they will stay put!
    (Review by Cee Dee )
  4. Cane Tip Ice Grip
    A Brief Insight into Cane Ice Grip Review.
    The Cane Tip works great for me. It has a great grip on the ice and it helps me in my short trips outdoors. It is lightweight and easy to
    (Review by Joel Mason)

Cane Accessories — Cane Tips, Cane Holder, Rubber Dane Tips, Replacement Tips & More!

Cane Accessories


Cane accessories on Vitality Medical are offered through a number of different brands. The accessories range from cane tips, cane bases, and specialty items to make cane use and storage more convenient. Accessories are often necessary to keep a preexisting cane up-to-date and effective as the tips, bases, grips, and handles eventually wear out over time. There are also cane accessories that make cane use more user friendly including wrist straps to keep the cane from falling out of the hand or cane holders to keep these handy walking aids within easy grasp. Vitality Medical is proud to offer cane accessories as an extended resource for our cane using customers.

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Common Uses for Cane Accessories:

  • Cane tips can be used to replace worn out old tips and provide better traction.
  • Tripod cane bases can be used to walk on uneven ground and soil that a cane would otherwise sink into.
  • Cane ice tips can help keep a cane base from slipping on ice.
  • A cane holder can keep a cane within easy reaching distance and in a usual storage area that will help prevent it from getting lost.