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  1. Duro-Med Foam Bed Wedge
    Best Sleeping Partner - Foam Bed Wedge.
    The product is great! I am using this bed wedge for a year now. It is has the best incline angle ever. After I got the pillow, I was very
    (Review by Cathy Wilkinson)
  2. Foam Bed Wedge Pillow
    Foam Bed Wedge Pillow.
    This bed wedge is helpful to people like me with sinus problems. The gentle slope is easy on the back and puts you head in a position to where gravity
    (Review by Cindy W)
  3. Hermell Foam Bed Wedge with Cover
    no fatigue anymore.
    I tried everything I could to get less tired. It all failed to achieve the purpose except for this wedge. You might not take it so seriously though, I can
    (Review by Shakil)
  4. Duro-Med Elevating Leg Rest
    Product stays in place & does what it is designed to do..
    When placed just below the knees it keeps the heels elevated from the surface
    (Review by booster)

Bed Wedges | Bed Wedge Pillows - Foam Bed Wedge - Pillow Wedge - Duro Med - Hermell - Reflux - Sleep - Support Wedge & More!

Bed Wedges

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Bed Wedges are valuable for both medical and leisure related purposes. For one, Bed Wedges allow a person to sit up in bed while reading, watching TV and more. They also are important for some patients to help control their acid reflux, or gastroesophageal reflux (GERD) during sleep by propping thee torso up to keep the acid and stomach contents from flowing upward. Vitality Medical hosts several brands of bed wedges that come in a variety of shapes, dimension, and materials to meet most expectations.

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Advantages of Using a Bed Wedge

  • Placing the bed wedge behind the back helps one to sit up in bed.
  • Sleeping with a bed wedge can keep the torso up and stomach acid from flowing up the esophagus.
  • Keeping a lift on the torso can also keep congestion and mucus from migrating upward.
  • Breathe easier with a bed wedge by elevating the head.