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  1. Uni-Patch Pre-TENS Conductive Skin Preparation
    Cheapest cost, Fastest Delivery on this product.
    Been buying my medical supplies online for over 10 years, found Vitality to have best delivery, pricing and most importantly, their Customer Service is Customer Service-- very responsive, helpful and
    (Review by Richard)
  2. BioStim PigTail Electrodes
    Love these electrodes.
    I have used these since 2005. They stick on very well along my back. When I remove them, I put a little cool water (using my finger) on them before
    (Review by Shelly)
  3. Doughnut Cushion
    I will be ordering from Vitality Medical again..
    Pretty good cushion for a pretty good price. I will be ordering from Vitality Medical again.
    (Review by Cushion User)
  4. Cervical Traction Kit Overdoor
    Traction Kit.
    This overdoor traction kit was easy to set up and use. I like the ability to easily control the amount of weight by merely adding or pouring out water. Make
    (Review by Andy)

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