Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

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  1. Petroleum Jelly
    Works the Best.
    This petroleum jelly works the best and I got it super quick.
    (Review by Harvey K.)
  2. Petroleum Lubricating Jelly
    Petroleum Lubricating Jelly is Good For Protecting the Skin.
    Petroleum jelly works well for protecting the skin. I use it on my hairline before coloring my hair. It quells the reaction I usually have to the hair die.
    (Review by Dora Lee)
  3.  Vaseline Ultra White Lubricating Jelly
    Great for Many Uses.
    This Vaseline jelly works great for diaper areas and scraped knees. I will order this again.
    (Review by Mom)
  4. Petroleum Jelly
    excellent product
    (Review by susie)

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly & More!

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly


Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is a Lubricating Jelly in addition to being useful for coating and sealing in moisture. Petroleum Jelly has been used to help wounds heal by inhibiting bacteria and germs from infecting a wound. Preventing natural moisture from evaporating can provide heat insulation and prevent chapped hands and lips. Commonly Petroleum Lubricating Jelly is used as a lubricant to prevent chafing because of its effectiveness, safe and easy-to-use nature. See below for a list of common Vaseline uses. Stock up on Vaseline products to fulfill your Petroleum Jelly needs at Vitality Medical.

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Common Uses for Petroleum Jelly

  • Protection from Chafing
  • Dry Skin & Itching
  • Preventing Blisters
  • Dry, Chapped Lips
  • Poison Ivy

Note: suggested uses are for your convenience and are not intended to replace the advice of your physician.