Urinary Tubing | Catheter Tube - Urinary Extension Tubing

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  1. Tube and Connector Kit Latex Free
    Tube & Connector Kit.
    Works great in a pinch. We did not have to wait for the monthly nurse's visit to change it.
    (Review by LT)
  2. Catheter Extension Tubes by Bard
    Good Tubes.
    The tubes work great and the length is very good. I would recommend this product.
    (Review by Manof Constant Sorrow)
  3. Catheter Extension Tubes by Bard
    It is very useful to have the bag on the calf. It can be emptied by just pulling up the pants leg to the knee. I have emptied it into
    (Review by Joe)
  4. Invacare Supply Group Extension Tube for Leg and Drainage Bags
    satisfied with product.
    Will definitely reorder again
    (Review by Michelle)

Urinary Tubing | Catheter Tube - Urinary Extension Tubing & More!


  1. Bard (1)
  2. CardinalHealth (1)
  1. Hollister (1)
  2. Invacare (1)
  1. Mentor (2)
  2. Rusch (1)
  1. Urocare (5)

Catheter Urinary Tubing, Drainage Tubing and Extension Tubing of all lengths with incredible selection. Industry leaders such as Bard, Mentor, Urocare and Rusch provide high quality, durable and convenient Catheter Urinary Tubing. Catheter Extension Tubes provide just the right amount of extra length needed to fit the situation without excess tubing getting in the way.

Urinary Tubing Patient Applications

  • Durable Urinary Drainage Tubing
  • Hygienic Waste Disposal
  • Convenient Urinary Extension Tubing Length for Any Situation
  • Universal Tubing Connectors for Joining Tubes without Leaks

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