Restraint Alternatives — Patient Protection Restraints, Roll Guard Restraints, Medical Safety Net

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  1. Posey Roll Belt
    A Helpful Roll Belt – Review.
    My grandfather is bedridden and finds it difficult to sit up straight and I used the Posey Roll Belt which allows him to sit up and roll on either sides
    (Review by Scott Reid)
  2. Posey Roll Guard
    Does just what was needed.
    I purchased the Roll Guards to fill the space from the bottom of the bed rail to the end of the hospital bed for my mom, to close that gap
    (Review by Ronnie B.)
  3. Posey Bedfellow Positioning Roll
    Posey Bedfellow Positioning Roll Review.
    I use this positioning roll for my mother as she needs support while sleeping. She is not able to sleep freely on bed and needs support for her head and
    (Review by Kim)

Restraint Alternatives — Patient Protection Restraints, Roll Guard Restraints, Medical Safety Net & More!

Restraint Alternatives

  1. Posey (4)

    Restraint alternatives are passive devices that protect a patient from harm. Occasionally patients may be in such a weakened state as to endanger themselves during daily activities. Restraint Alternatives on Vitality Medical range from mattress barriers, straps with light restraint and body positioning pillows. The products will help the patient maintain themselves in one area and not fall and injure themselves. Vitality Medical is proud to offer restraint alternatives to broaden the choices the consumer has.

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    Restraint Alternatives Patient Applications

    • Use Soft Bed Rails for: buffering the body away from the mattress edges, keeping the patient lying down from falling off the bedside, or a soft resting area for the body or limbs.
    • Use Positioning Pillows for: keeping the body at rest in one place, keeping the patient from slumping sideways or off the bed, and keeping the head slightly upright and comfortable.