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  1. Invacare Cervical Neck Traction Set
    Very good product.
    Seems tto be helping my husband neck problems. Was recommended by his DR and arrived speedily. We recommend highly.
    (Review by Carl)
  2. BioStim M7 TENS Dual Channel
    For your muscle!.
    I have tried everything to lessen my muscle pain. For example, sauna, massage, exercising and everything. However none of them worked for me. Finally I could get this one and
    (Review by Branch)
  3. Bodymed Dual Channel Interferential Unit, with AC Adapter
    Decent Unit.
    The IF 400 is a decent Interferential unit with one of the best prices I've seen on the internet.
    (Review by Gregory T.)
  4. Wake-Up Morning Light Alarm Clock by Zadro
    SAD Light Alarm.
    Yes it looks a bit goofy on my table by the bed, but this really works. I had such a hard time getting out of bed in the morning especially
    (Review by Wendy)

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