Gauze Pads — Sterile Gauze, Curity Gauze Pad, Gauze Bandage

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  1. Dermasciences NutraGauze
    I am a 59 yr old paraplegic in a wheelchair all day and have had some major skin breakdown on more than one occasion. Doctors tried many different creams and dressings with no results..
    a nurse suggested Derma ciences gauze, and the results were just amazing. an area about 3in by 5in cleared up in 4 weeks when other doctor reccommended products made no
    (Review by gimpymedic)
  2. AMD Ritmed Gauze Non Woven 4 ply
    How to use Gauze Non Woven 4 ply?.
    It is a multipurpose sponge that is believed to be an excellent medical supply. It is effective in keeping the wound safe. It has got absorbency so it heals the
    (Review by Karen)
  3. Curity Eye Pads
    great product and excellent service.
    (Review by eye pad)
  4. Curity Eye Pads
    Great product and service. .
    Product arrived quickly.
    (Review by Sally )

Gauze Pads — Sterile Gauze, Curity Gauze Pad, Gauze Bandage & More!

Gauze Pads


Gauze Pads including surgical adhesive dressing, gauze bandages, super sponge, AMD pad, sterile gauze pads and sterile gauze dressings. Gauze sponges and pads like Kendall's Curity and 3M TripleCare are well respected in the health care industry. Internet discounts for ABD pads. Save on gauze pads online today!

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