EMS Electronic Muscle Stimulator - NMS Neuromuscular Stimulation or NMES

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  1. BodyMed EMS Unit
    Just What I Needed.
    This EMS unit came with everything I needed and a user manual. It adjusted to the pulse rate my doctor wanted me to use and I haven't had any issues
    (Review by Mike)
  2. Electronic Muscle Stimulator EMS DIGITAL with Timer and Carrying Case
    EMS Digital .
    Very satisfied with the product for very good it's nice because it's small in a case convenient to carry around with you and it works great.
    (Review by Percy )

EMS Electronic Muscle Stimulator - NMS Neuromuscular Stimulation or NMES & More!



Electronic Muscle Stimulator (EMS) or Neuromuscular Stimulator (NMS) are also known as Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) which are used to stimulate muscle contractions to treat certain medical conditions. By attaching Electrodes to the skin near the muscles to be stimulated, Electrical Muscle Stimulation simulates the nervous system impulse coming from the brain. Muscle stimulation by external electrical impulses was first documented in 1791 by Luigi Galvani who experimented with NMS Neuromuscular Stimulation upon frogs. NMES Neuromuscular Electrical experimentation with Olympic and professional athletes has found that Neuromuscular Stimulation can improve endurance and muscle mass. In medical applications, Neuromuscular Stimulators are often used to rehabilitate patients recovering from surgery, accidents and other injuries. When using NMS Neuromuscular Stimulator Devices for medical purposes, Electro Muscle Stimulation provides for reducing muscle spasm, preventing atrophy, increasing blood circulation, muscle re-education, preventing venous thrombosis, and increasing range of motion. EMS Electronic Muscle Stimulators have also been found useful in the treatment of chronic pain. EMS Devices are often called TENS Units.

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Leading manufactures of Electronic Muscle Stimulator (EMS) equipment or Neuromuscular Stimulator (NMS) devices include BioMedical Life, BioStem, Impulse, Lumiscope, and Milliken Medical. Vitality Medical also carries a wide variety TENS Pads for use in Electrotherapy.