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  1. Invacare Iodoform Packing Strip
    Characteristic odor.
    The packing comes in a convenient sized bottle and appropriate length; always amazed how much can go into wound. Patient appreciates the medicated gauze ease of application and removal. Dry
    (Review by DT)
  2. Algidex Ag Packing Gauze Silver Alginate Packing Dressing
    Algidex Ag.
    Algidex Ag is a great woven gauze that will not unravel will not lent or fray. Packs wounds and fights infectins.
    (Review by Albert)
  3. Dermanet Ag+ Antimicrobial Alginate Silver Wound Contact Layer Dressing
    Dermanet Ag+ Antimicrobial Alginate Silver Dressings Last 5 Days.
    Dermanet Ag+ Antimicrobial Alginate Silver Dressings provide antimicrobial activity for up to 5 days decreasing the number of dressing changes and the amount you need to spend.
    (Review by Abner)
  4. PolyMem WIC
    very good.
    good for bed sores
    (Review by rodge)

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