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Top 5 Carpal Tunnel Wrist Braces - 2021

By Kim Martinez October 6, 2021 20 Views

Pain relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is available with many wrist support and brace options currently on the market. As soon as the brace is applied to your wrist, you will notice how quickly the median nerve gives a figurative sigh of relief. This blog article reviews the top-selling wrist brace options for carpal tunnel to begin your search for the best wrist brace for therapy and pain relief.

Top 5 Best CPAP Machines 2021

By Isabella Nolte September 20, 2021 36 Views

CPAP machines are one of the most common and effective treatments for those who struggle with obstructive sleep apnea. Finding the best CPAP machine for your needs is an important task. There are a wide variety of CPAP devices available today, which can make it difficult to determine which one is right for you. This blog presents a list of top-rated CPAP machines to help you choose the one that will fit best with your lifestyle and sleep therapy requirements.

Top 12 One and Two Piece Best Ostomy Pouches 2021

By Kim Martinez August 26, 2021 63 Views

Figure out which ostomy system is the best for you and what are the top sellers for each system. This blog presents the Top 12 Best Ostomy Bags breaking them down by closed-end and drainable pouches.

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10 Best Lightweight Transport Wheelchairs 2021

By Sharon Schiffbauer July 16, 2021 144 Views

Figure out which is the best transport chair for you or your loved one and make sure you have the best lightweight transport chair for every important moment. This blog presents the Top 10 Best Lightweight Transport Wheelchairs 2021 and why they are the best.

Top 7 FDA Approved Air Purifiers for COVID 19

By Sharon Schiffbauer July 13, 2021 310 Views

Top 7 FDA Approved Air Purifiers for COVID 19 remove harmful particles from the air that we breathe. There are tiny particles in the air that we take in with every breath, some of which are natural and safe to breathe, like oxygen, nitrogen, water, etc. But other things, such as dust, gases, pollen, smoke, bacteria, and viruses like COVID-19, are mixed in with the good stuff. Air purifiers remove harmful particles from the air. This article presents the key features and benefits of the best air purifiers on the market.

10 Most Popular Large Medical Office Equipment

By Karen Olson June 17, 2021 194 Views

What are the top 10 best medical office furniture, equipment, and supplies? Check out the top recliner chairs, privacy screens, treatment tables, and medical carts. Vitality Medical offers a selection of equipment perfect for medical offices.

Fun Summertime Products For Everyone

By Karen Olson June 1, 2021 252 Views

Whether you're heading out to the beach, a pool party, or just getting outside to enjoy the summer, Vitality Medical has you covered. Shop for everything from all-terrain wheelchairs and pool lifts to sunburn sheets and flip-flops, all at excellent prices.

Most Common Oxygen Concentrator Replacement Parts

By May 19, 2021 192 Views

Most Common Oxygen Concentrator Replacement Parts by Burt Cancaster. This article explores the common replaceable components and consumables for oxygen concentrators and provides product examples of the top-selling replacement parts.

Fears Over Medication Mismanagement - What You Need to Know!

By Karen Olson May 17, 2021 216 Views

Nonadherence to prescription medication accounts for up to 50% of treatment failures. Missed medication doses result in around 125,000 deaths in the U.S. each year. Some attribute 25% of hospitalizations each year to nonadherence. An adherence rate of 80% of the prescribed dosage is necessary to achieve therapeutic efficacy; yet, the actual consumption of all chronic medications are less than half. Patients literally are not taking their prescriptions!

Shipping - Public Service Announcement | Vitality Medical

April 20, 2021 259 Views

COVID-19 pandemic spread around the world and caused all kinds of problems, from public health risks to economic downfalls within the first few months of 2020. There were sudden procedural changes within shipping ports and multinational delivery services across the world. Many of these changes were uncoordinated and sudden, causing delays....