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  1. BIOCLUSIVE Transparent Dressing by Johnson & Johnson
    Easy to fold onto itself when putting on. More variety of size would be nice. If given the proper overlap seals well, lasts long, and is waterproof.
    (Review by Milo)
  2. BIOCLUSIVE Transparent Dressing by Johnson & Johnson
    Great product and service.
    I ordered this product on line and my order was filled and delivered very quickly. The product was undamaged and it was what I expected. Thank you Vitality for the
    (Review by Jim-Scotts)
  3. OpSite Dressings Transparent Dressings by Smith & Nephew
    Excellent adhesion.
    I use this product to hold my CGMS in place. One application gives me great protection for over a week and I swim daily ! I highly recommend this wonderful
    (Review by Dave)
  4. Tegaderm HP Transparent Dressing by 3M
    Excellent Product.
    I use the Tegaderm HP Transparent Dressing over my pain patches as I perspire alot and the Tegaderm keeps the pain patches from coming off even in the pool. I
    (Review by Vicki)

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